WiFi password not working on a non-QWERTY keyboard in Windows 10

QWERTY refers to the arrangement of keys on a standard English computer keyboard or typewriter. The name derives from the first six characters on the top alphabetic line of the keyboard. In this post, we will identify the possible cause, as well as provide a solution or workaround if you may, to the issue of WiFi password not working on Windows 10 if using a non-QWERTY keyboard to input the password characters.

WiFi password not working on a non-QWERTY keyboard

Let’s take a look at a typical scenario where you can encounter this anomaly.

When you try to enter a password for a wireless network on Windows 10, it might not be accepted if the following is true:

  • You are using a keyboard with a non-QWERTY layout, such as AZERTY (French), QWERTZ (German/Switzerland), Cyrillic, and/or Latin American.
  • Entering the wi-fi password is the first thing you did after signing in to Windows 10.

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WiFi password not working on a non-QWERTY keyboard

In this situation, as described above, the wi-fi password input is in the QWERTY keyboard layout, even though you are using a non-QWERTY keyboard. In which case, the WIFI password is not accepted and therefore won’t work.

To resolve this issue or better still work around it, do the following:

  • Press Windows key + R to invoke the Run dialog.
  • In the Run dialog box, type notepad and hit Enter to open Notepad.
  • In the text editor, type the password there.
  • Then, copy the password from Notepad, paste it into the wi-fi password field, and hit Enter.

Windows 10 should now be able to accept the password without issues.

In the future, type in an app before typing the wi-fi password. This will prevent the issue from coming up.

The QWERTY layout is attributed to an American inventor named Christopher Latham Sholes, and it made its debut in its earliest form on July 1, 1874.

Hope this helps!

WiFi password not working on a non-QWERTY keyboard

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