Why is my Microsoft Account Security Info change still pending?

If you been surprised with a message in your Microsoft Account Security settings that says “Account security info change still pending,”  then it is nothing alarming but needs a check if you don’t remember anything that could have caused it. The message appears when you have recently removed old info data with new. Lets deep dive into it.

What is Microsoft Account Security Info?

When you create a Microsoft account, you also add an alternate contact email address or phone number. They come in handy when you need to reset your password or change any info, which is crucial to the account. An email or phone number is always sent to the alternate account for verification to keep someone else trying to take over your account. This process makes sure that Microsoft knows it is who you own the account.

If you see this message i.e., Account security info change still pending, then you may have recently replaced the old security info and replace it with new security details. Every time you do that, any change in Microsoft account is further restricted for 30 days.

Important to note that when a change is requested, notifications in the form of SMS or Email are sent to the old security info in case an attacker is attempting to remove it.

How do I change Microsoft Account Security Info?

Why is my Microsoft account security info change still pending?

You can add, update, and remove any security info. Open the security info page, and then click on Update my info link.

Add Security Info

  • Click on Add security info
  • Select A phone number or alternate email address option
  • Verify it

Remove Security Info

  • Click on Remove link next to the security info you want to remove
  • Confirm, and it will be added to the queue to remove it

Update Security info

You cannot update or replace existing with another. So the update option appears when you do not have any security info added to the account.

Microsoft Account Security Info change still pending

Microsoft is clear that the restriction for 30 days cannot expedite. However, if you did not change it or change changed your mind, then the only way to remove the message is from within the account.

  1. Go to Account Security settings, and sign in.
  2. You should see the info that the change is still pending. You have two options here.
    • If you didn’t request this, let us know.
    • Cancel this request.

A shorter version is that the change in security info will take 30 days unless you choose to cancel it.

What happens during the Pending Request?

  • You cannot change Microsoft account password, email addresses, or manage parental controls online.
  • You can, however, view, change, or add billing information and make purchases.
  • If you set up 2FA or two-step verification
    • The Autneticar App is required to sign-in.
    • You can still get code over the older phone number or the email account.

If you changed in a hurry and lost the old security info, then you cannot sign in anywhere for the next 30 days. You are also at risk of someone else taking your account using the old security info.

FAQ: Troubleshooting verification code issues

I’m not getting my verification code. What do I do?

Check for the following:

  • The phone has a clear reception, and nothing is blocking it to get messages or calls from unknown numbers.
  • Junk folder for a message from a Microsoft account. Maks sure to whitelist that account for the future. Usually, it is from @accountprotection.microsoft.com
  • if the entered phone number or email is entered correctly
  • Check if the account is correct in case you have an alternate email address that ends with @outlook.com, @hotmail.com, @live.com, or @msn.com. You might have signed into another account.

It would best that you use the InPrivate browsing method to sign to the right account.

I can’t get text messages. Can I still get codes with my phone?

You can always get the code by using Verify phone via choosing the Call option. Make sure to be ready to note the code somewhere.

A message told me to “make sure you can receive a security code.”

Microsoft suggests that if you see this message, then it is best to skip it for 24 hours at a time. It happens when there are multiple attempts made. However, you will have to reattempt it in seven days.

Is a verification code the same thing as a password?

No. Verification codes are used to authenticate that you own the account. They are an additional layer of security to safeguard your account.

This was all about Microsoft Account Security Info, Why is my Microsoft account security info change still pending message, and how you can change the information. You must remain in access to the secondary account or phone number for the next 30 days to safeguard your account.

Why is my Microsoft account security info change still pending?

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