What is Win32:BogEnt and how to remove it?

Many users have reported that their third-party antivirus software found a virus named Win32:BogEnt and are concerned whether or not to delete it. Usually, it is quarantined by the anti-virus already. However, it is always wise to check whether a file is genuine or not before finally deleting it.

What is Win32:BogEnt

What is Win32:BogEnt

We will discuss the Win32 Bogent tag and how to handle files marked with the tag in this article.

Is Win32:BogEnt (Win32 Bogent) a virus?

Win32:BogEnt is a heuristic detection. This means that the antivirus software has detected unusual behavior of a few files in the host system. Whether or not it is a virus depends on a lot of factors. However, third-party antivirus software products like AVG and Avast usually report it as a virus. But then AVG is known to give out false-positives often and so it is imperative that you re-check the file.

  1. Use Virustotal
  2. Use a different antivirus tool
  3. Use a file deleter software

The important part is confirming the identity of the associated files. This could be done as follows:

1] Use Virustotal

You will find the file in the quarantined section of your antivirus software. Right-click on it and choose the option to open the file location.

Now use the Virustotal website to scan the file and verify whether or not it is infected.

2] Use a different antivirus tool

configure Windows Defender in Windows 10

At times, overprotective antivirus software products falsely flag genuine software, files, and processes as malware. This is common with third-party antivirus products.

To be sure that the problem is not because of your antivirus, try using an antivirus of a different brand for the file. You could also use Windows Defender for the purpose.

Since you must have already purchased antivirus software and might be unwilling to pay for a new one just for this test, you could try one of these free antivirus software products for Windows 10.

4] Use a file deleter software

In case the problematic file is locked and you are sure that it is infected, you could use these free file deleter software for Windows 10.

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Win32 Bogent

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