What is Google Local Guide and what are its perks?

Google Maps are an inseparable part of our lives now, it is almost impossible to commute with its help today. Right from checking the distance between two places to finding the closest petrol pump, restaurants, ATMs, etc., Google Maps is a part of our daily routines now. Be it our local searches or finding the places in a new city, Google Maps comes in handy every single time. So when you see a piece of detailed information about a place on Google Maps, have you ever thought about who adds that information? It’s done by the Google Local Guides.

What is Google Local Guide?

Google Local Guides is a community of explorers who share/contribute their reviews, pictures, and other information about the places on Google. They also check the facts already available on Google and edit them if required. Google Local Guides earn some points for every contribution on Google Maps. So, basically, they add useful information about local places on Google and help millions of people worldwide discover new places.

How to become a Google Local Guide?

As I said, it is very easy to become a Google Local Guide. All you need is a Google account. You simply have to go to this Google website, sign in using your Google account, select your city, accept the terms and conditions and click on Become a Local Guide.  

Once you have joined the community, you can straight away start contributing, which means sharing your reviews about a place, pictures, or videos of a place, and even editing the already-upload information on Google if it is incorrect.

Who can become a Google Local Guide?

Anyone with a Google account can become a Google Local Guide, provided you meet the age requirements of your country. There are no eligibility criteria, all you need is some knowledge and experience and a willingness to share it with people.

How to contribute to Google Maps?

Once you sign-up with the Google Local Guide program, you can right away start contributing on Google Maps. Click on the Start Contributing button as shown in the screenshot above.

What is Google Local Guide

You get points for each and every contribution on Google Maps and obviously, you start with level 1. There are a total of 10 levels to reach which include rewards and badges too.

  • Add a new place and get 15 points
  • A video will get you 7 points and a picture will get you 5 points.
  • A review on an existing place on Google will bag 5 points for you.
  • Editing a place will also get 5 points.
  • Answer a question about a place and get 1 point.
  • Give a star rating to a place and get 1 point.

Any place you go, any picture you click, or video you shoot, can be uploaded on Google Maps, provided it gives some information. There is no approval required to add photos or videos of a place, but if you are adding a new place to the maps, you require approval from Google. If the GPS on your mobile device is turned on, you will see all the places you’ve been to, on your dashboard. Sync your Google accounts on all your devices and you can upload the content from anywhere.

I am a Google Local Guide for quite some time now and I am at level 8 with 20,618 points.

Once published, your pictures, videos, and reviews will appear on every product and service that belongs to Google like Google Maps, Google Search, Google Earth, and Street View, and will be accessible to everyone. Make sure all your content complies with Google Maps’ user-generated content policy. 

What are the rewards or perks of being a Google Local Guide?

This program is basically for travelers or people who love adventures. Someone who loves sharing their travel stories and experiences with the world would love to be a Google Local Guide. There are no monetary benefits to becoming a Google Local Guide, but there are quite a few perks and rewards that some of you may like to get.

You get a badge with every level you unlock which further will help your content reach a wide audience. Every time any of your pictures/videos or a review crosses a milestone, you get notified by an email. You get your first badge when you reach level four.

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Do Google Local Guides get paid?

No, Google Local Guides don’t get paid. You get some points, rewards, and badges on your profile every time you contribute something on Google Maps, like some information about a place, a picture, a video, or a review. If you are lucky enough, you may get a chance to attend the full-paid summit in the USA.

How many Google points do I have?

You can check your levels and points right on your dashboard. Simply go to the Google Local Guides website and click on your profile picture in the top left corner. You will be able to see your points there.

What is Google Local Guide

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