This content isn’t available right now

I only use my Facebook now for Facebook ads as well as to share tech content I find interesting. However, a couple of years back, I was always on Facebook, keeping up with old acquaintances.

this content isn't available right now facebook error

One day, I saw a funny post on my newsfeed. I shared it in the evening, but something was wrong. The post was still there, but under my shared post, it said – Sorry, This content isn’t available right now.

Most Facebook users have experienced this issue, and it’s tricky because Facebook gives no specific reason for this error.

This content isn’t available right now, says Facebook

This content isnt available right now Facebook error

Firstly, you should know that the poster didn’t block you. If they did, you wouldn’t see their profiles let alone get the error message. Here are the main reasons why specific content isn’t available to you on Facebook.

  1. You’re trying to view deleted content.
  2. The content is restricted.
  3. The poster’s privacy settings.
  4. The poster’s account is deleted.
  5. You aren’t logged in to Facebook.

If a Facebook post isn’t available to you, the issue is one of these listed above. In the section that follows, we’ll look at them in detail.

1] You’re trying to view deleted content

The most common reason why Facebook tells you that the content isn’t available is that the poster might’ve deleted it. Not only could this be the case, but Facebook itself can delete users’ content if it violates Facebook’s community standards.

2] The content is restricted

Facebook page administrators can restrict the page’s content to age and location. If you don’t meet the criteria and try to view content the page publishes, you’ll get hit with the message.

3] The poster’s privacy settings

Facebook acknowledges the fact that billions of people use its platform. To avoid strangers being able to view everything you publish, the social network has privacy settings. Here, you get to set precisely whom you want to allow access to your content.

Facebook users can choose to show their content to every user, all or some of their Facebook friends, or no one at all but themselves. If you come across a post for which you don’t fall into its audience, you won’t see anything; all you’ll get is this message.

4] The poster’s account is deleted

For several reasons, Facebook can get rid of user profiles. The platform will delete the profiles of users who violate its policies or post questionable content. Furthermore, users could also deactivate their Facebook profiles whenever they wish.

If you get the error prompt when you try to view a post, the reason could be that the poster’s profile no longer exists.

5] You aren’t logged in to Facebook

One of the most common reasons for the content not being available is that you’re logged out of Facebook. You might’ve logged in, but Facebook logs you out when you spend too much idle time logged in.

When you notice that content published on Facebook isn’t available to you, confirm that you are still logged in. If you aren’t, then log back in and retry. It should be okay after that.

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this content isn't available right now facebook error

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