Things you can do with Alexa on Windows PC

Alexa, as we all know if a virtual voice assistant released by Amazon. It has been available on all Smart devices for quite some time but lately, Amazon made it available for Windows PCs too.

Things you can do with Alexa on Windows PC

While we have already covered a post on how to use Alexa on your Windows PC, today, in this post I will be sharing, things you should try with Alexa on your Windows 11/10 PC.

  1. Communication
  2. Entertainment
  3. Fun with Alexa
  4. Games and skills
  5. Music
  6. News and information
  7. Productivity
  8. Settings
  9. Shopping
  10. Smart Home.

With the increasing usage of technology in our daily lives, there are numerous Alexa-supported devices now available in the market which include speakers, smart lights, fans, power extensions, smart TVs, and much more. With the new Alexa app installed on your Windows PC, you can actually connect and manage all these devices and make your lives easier.

1] Communication with all your devices

Announcements– If your Amazon Echo speaker is connected with the Alexa app on your PC, you can make the announcements from your PC. Simply say Alexa, announce that dinner is served and the speaker Echo will announce the same.

Calling- With the app installed on your Windows PC, you can call on any of your other devices with the Alexa app. Simply say Alexa call my phone and the app will make a call. Similarly, you can make a call to any of your Alexa contacts. You can make both audio and video calls from the app.

Drop-In- Drop-in is the new feature of Alexa wherein you can connect with all the Alexa-supported devices at once. Simply say Alexa drop-in and it starts working as an intercom. You can instantly make a connection with all the Alexa contacts.

2] Entertainment

Audiobooks- Wanna listen to any of your favorite audiobooks? Ask Alexa, she will do it for you. Simply say Alexa read ‘any book’ and it will start reading it for you on Audible. To start reading from where you left, say, Alexa, read where I left off.

Movies and showtimes- Ask Alexa what all movies are being played in your city and what are the showtimes,  it will give you the full detailed information. You can also ask any questions related to the movies like who is the director or what is a specific movie about. Alexa has all the answers for you. You can also ask her to play the trailer but for that, you need a device connected.

Podcasts and radio- Just like the audiobooks, you can listen to any podcast simply by giving instructions to Alexa. You can resume to any podcast where you left off.

3] Fun with AlexaThings you can do with Alexa on Windows PC

This is a fun section in the Alexa app, you can ask her to say some jokes to you, talk about Easter eggs, open a box of cats, you can ask for a riddle, ask her to sing a trip song, or even can have a fun conversation with a social bot.

Alexa Prize- This is a great feature for someone who has no one to talk to. With Alexa Prize, you have a long conversation with a social bot. She will talk ask you some regular conversation about your work life, your daily routine, your hobbies, likings, and dislikes, just like any other regular conversation. To start taking to the social bot or to use the feature Alexa Prize, say, Alexa, let’s chat. A social bot will start talking to you. When you want to end the conversation, simply say, Alexa Stop. 

4] Games and Skills

Wow, I am really liking the app while writing this post. I literally played Escape the Room with Alexa and it was really fun. A good pastime indeed. It was an audio escape room and was quite interesting. Though it took me some time to understand and play the game. Simply say, Alexa, open an Escape Room and start following the instructions to play. I couldn’t escape the room, by the way, do let me know if you did.

Alexa has thousands of games for you chit games, puzzle games, trivia, education games, party games, funny games, and much more. I also played, the Magic Door with Alexa, which is an interactive audio-based game with some stories and brilliant sound effects and I had great fun playing. I took a walk in the jungle and explored a magical forest.

5] Music

Yes, we all know that we can play all kinds of music for ourselves. Simply give you a voice command to Alexa to play any song of your choice and Alexa will play it on Amazon Music. You can also ask her to share any song with your Alexa contacts.

6] News and Information

Yes, you can ask Alexa to show you the latest news, weather reports, traffic update in your area, business and finance reports, local news of your area, local search in your area, recipes, and a lot more. Just say, Alexa, where can I get the best Mexican food nearby, and Alexa will bring you all the available options.

7] Productivity

With Alexa installed on your Windows PC, you can set alarms, reminders, make to-do lists and notes, and set timers, and that too with a single voice command. These options will indeed help you increase your productivity.

8] Settings

As Alexa is a voice assistant, you can change the settings too with a voice command. If you find her talking speed fast, simply say, “Alexa speak slower” and she will reduce her talking speed. Also, you can ask her to show all your current notifications, delete notifications, etc. There is also an option where you can ask Alexa to learn your voice but for that, you need the Echo devices.

9] Shopping

This is something I need badly. I often forget the things I need to order or to buy when I am out grocery shopping. Now I just make my shopping list on Alexa and keep adding things I need, this was all I need to do is to check the list in Alexa when I am out shopping.

10] Smart Home

You can make the best out of the Amazon Alexa app if you have Smart devices at home. Smart lights, TV, ACs, speakers, curtains, and much more. You simply have to connect these devices to your Alexa app and your Smart Home will be ready. You can manage and control your entire range of devices from your computer and that too with a single voice command.

Alexa Show Mode On Your Windows 11 PC

Show Mode turns your Windows 11 PC into a full-screen voice-enabled smart display like Echo Show wherein you can ask Alexa to show the latest news, listen to music, etc. You can turn the Show Mode on from the lower-left corner of your Alexa app screen.

I have set it to start automatically when my PC is inactive for 15 seconds but you can change it from the Settings section. You can also select what all content you want to display on the Show Mode.

Hope you enjoy using Alexa on your PC.

Is Alexa free for PC?

Yes, the Amazon Alexa is available for free download at Microsoft Store. Download it and follow the instructions to install the app on your PC.

Can Alexa control my computer?

Yes, but only if you have the Echo device and it is paired with your computer. Just with the Alexa app on your PC, you can’t control it.

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