Phase two : installation of Centos 8 on VMware player

In phase one we talked about installing Centos 7 but now we try to work on Centos 8  To be updated with new generation of redhat .

At website we download the centos version 8 

Download Centos8 .iso

 –> In phase one we work on centos 7 but now we are on Centos7 ,so  change the iso file from centos 7 to centos 8 

 –> Click on Power on

 –> Chose install the first choice install centos 8

 wait a moment 

–> Choose your language 

—> In my case i choose english

and click on continue 

Now There are many steps to work on it 

1- Change the keyboard type

!! my keyboard AZErt so i will add French azert

→ Click on DONE

Change your language or time zone if you need

→ In installation destination

Choose I will configure a partition 


Note :

i have 20 Gb in my hard disk size

— Click on add and add a boot partition 

500 Mb for boot partition and click on add mount point

— Add a root partition / 

17 Gb for / partition and click on add mount point

in cl-root 

Device type LVM

File system xfs 

— Add a swap partition 

3 Gb for SWAP partition 

 → Type DONE  and Accept changes 

→ In Network and hostname 

Put on your Ethernet network card and click on DONE


This distribution need to download softwares in installation source

After finishing click on software selection

because i need to work on server with ssh connection i will select Minimal installation 

→ click on begin the installation 

In user settings 

Type a root password and click on DONE

Add a user and select it an Administrator if you need

Don’t forget a password for the user 

Click on DONE

→ wait till the end of the configuration and reboot your system


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