Phase one : Configuration of the VMware Player to install Centos 7

To be a network administrator or system administrator , you must work on real servers. so now i will show you how to make your virtual lab with Centos 7 server and VMware player.

The hardware configuration need to install Centos 7 server .

  • RAM : 512 Mb
  • HDD : 4 Go
  • Network card 

For GUI you need 

  • RAM : 1 Go
  • HDD : 10 Go 
  • Network card

Note :

Centos 7 need 64 bits CPU .

Download Centos 7 

I give you the link to install a Centos 7 Minimal ( minimal without GUI )

 Download Centos 7 Minimal

Preparing the virtual machine 

1- Launch VMware player 

2- In the top toolbar click on file 

-> Create a new virtual machine 

-> Choose i will install the operating system later

-> Click on next 

-> Select linux 

-> Centos 7 64 bits

-> Next 

-> Choose  Centos 7 serv like a name

-> Browse the location where you need to save your Vm drive .

-> Next 

-> By default disc size 20 Go 

Note :

 For minimal installation you can work with  5 Go hard disk space .

-> Next

-> In this case you can customize hardware

Like RAM size and network configuration 

The very important modification : the configuration of the CD/DVD source 

  • If you have an iso file of Centos 7 system check use ISO Image
  • If you have an systeme borne on DVD

Check use a physical drive .

And about the network configuration  check bridged .


Don’t forget to save your modification 

-> Finish to create your virtual machine 


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