Laptop vs Desktop – Which is better? Differences discussed

Laptop vs Desktop is a battle that excites a lot of people, many are skeptical to spend loads of money on a Desktop and many are confused if a Laptop can make their ends meet. So, in this article, we will be seeing which one is better, a Laptop or a Desktop, for you.

Laptop vs Desktop- Which is better

Laptop vs Desktop – What is the difference

The major difference between a Laptop and a Desktop is sustained performance. It is self-explanatory looking at the size of the devices, a Laptop is small, and packing a Desktop-level cooling system is impossible in it.

That being said, with modern software optimization and modern chip fabrication method, Laptops can exchange blows with their much heftier counterparts.

But the problem is the more you use the device, the more heat will be produced and because of fans with low RPMs, heat dissipation wouldn’t be as effective as it should be. Therefore, your system will be subjected to thermal throttling, as a result of which, your computer’s performance will take a dip in order to counter the excessive heat production.

Let us compare them on the following parameters to sort out the buying decision for you.

Let’s get started.

1] Portability

A laptop is obviously more portable than a Desktop, that’s right off the bat.

With Desktop, you need Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, CPU (if it’s not integrated with the Monitor), and a bunch of other things. Hence, carrying it from your home to your workplace and vice-versa is not a very prudent job.

Whereas, in the case of a Laptop, all you need is a laptop and power cable to charge it. So, Laptop is portable, without an iota of doubt.

2] Performance

Desktops usually perform better than a laptop. However, with the help of more advanced fabrication techniques, the gap between the performance of these devices is decreasing. But still, the sheer difference between the horse-power of these devices can not be overlooked.

Desktops have bigger and more powerful CPU as well GPU, the gap their GPU is even wider, more powerful fans. All this combines to make a better machine for gaming, video editing, and other demanding tasks.

That being said, most of us don’t need our computer to be Hercules, so, know your requirements first. There are some powerful laptops as well, especially gaming laptops. These laptops are apt enough to run demanding titles as well as do some professional-level video and photo editing.

3] Screen Size

Since laptops are smaller than desktops, they will have small monitors. Which is kind of the point of having a laptop, compact. Whereas, with desktops, you can go all out. So, Desktop is a winner here, hands down.

4] Cost

Now, let us address the elephant in the room, which one will cost your fortune. Long story short, Desktops can get you similar if not better performance at a lesser price than a laptop.

However, with a desktop, you can go all out and configure them the way you want. Whereas, in the case of laptops, the variety is there but not to the extent of a desktop. They generally more expensive, but you can find some inexpensive ones if you take the plunge into the electronics market.

Desktop vs Laptop – For Gaming

If gaming is what you are planning to do on your device then I do not say Desktop, straightaway, like most other blogs on the Internet, do. That’s because there are some capable laptops for gamers as well.

Gaming Laptops are a thing now. Companies like Alienware, Dell, Lenovo, and  Asus have really taken the gaming market with a storm by not just acing the gaming Desktops but also compressing them and making a powerful machine in a form factor of a laptop.

Yes, desktops are obviously more powerful, but there are some capable gaming laptops for you to try.

Desktop vs Laptop – Which is better for students

For a student, Laptop is a better option as it is portable and you can carry it around the campus with ease. However, there are different kinds of laptops in the market, but according to me, you should go for a notebook instead of a gaming laptop. That’s because they are lightweight and won’t hurt your back.

However, if you already have a laptop and want something for your home, then I think a Desktop can be a good purchase.

Final Verdict

Both Desktops and Laptops can be extremely powerful, given, you go for higher-end ones. However, with a desktop, you can are getting sustained power and more power than a laptop at a similar price. But laptops are portable and are better for most people.

Now, once you have bought the device, you may want to improve its performance, use Registry Editor to do that.

Laptop vs Desktop- Which is better

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