Is it OK or Bad to place desktop PC on the floor?

Most people who own desktop computers tend to have the case with the power supply placed on the floor. Rarely do we see a home set up where the case is sitting on a desk or anything else that is not the floor. The question is, should computers be placed on the floor in the first place? Well, there is no problem with doing so, but it all depends on the situation, and that is key.

Is it OK or Bad to place desktop PC on the floor?

Do not put your PC on a carpeted floor

A lot of people these days have carpeted floors. Some people believe it is a better option than a hard-surface floor because it creates a cushion effect that is better at preventing injury to joints. Not only that, but carpets can also prevent back pain as well.

Additionally, if you want to reduce noise, then having a carpet will solve such problems due to the padding it provides.

Now, as for why users must not place their desktop computers on the carpet, well, a lot of them these days come with tiny feet due to vents on the bottom. Older cases usually had no vents, and as such, they could sit flat while relying on vents on the sides and rear to keep cool.

Should you place your modern desktop computer case on a carpet that is thick and fluffy by design, then the vents below will be clogged, which could then cause overheating.

In a situation where you have a short carpet, the computer could survive just fine, but it will all depend on the size of the legs to keep it off of the carpet with enough space to support proper airflow.

Desktop computers will take in more dust on the floor

If you have your PC on a hard floor, then chances that floor will gather dust, and that dust will find its way into your computer. We should state that dust will penetrate your computer no matter where you put it, but on the floor, there is a higher chance of your desktop PC sucking in more dust than ever.

So, what can you do? Well, you will have to clean in and around your desktop PC on a regular basis. Since it’s not a laptop, we assume it’s a lot easier to pull down. From there, get yourself an air compressor and go to physically clean your computer, mouse and keyboard.

In closing

As it stands, then, we can say for certain that putting your desktop PC on the floor is not a detriment to the hardware. However, please avoid carpets and ensure the device is cleaned on a regular basis, preferably once per week if you can find the time.

We wouldn’t recommend the floor if you have other options. But since not everyone can afford a desk or specialized hardware designed for computers, the floor will always be the primary choice.

Still, we must say that a computer that generates low power is perfect for the floor instead of a gaming rig.

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What is a desktop computer?

OK, so a desktop computer is a computer that is designed to fit on or under a desk. Such computers rely on the use of peripheral devices for interaction. The devices in question are usually a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Very different from a laptop where all the key components are part of a single package and can be moved around with ease.

Can a laptop be used as a desktop?

In some situations, yes. For example, laptops with screens over 17-inches are usually deemed as desktop replacements due to their size. Furthermore, if you attach a keyboard, mouse, and an external monitor to a regular laptop, then it is classed as a desktop.

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Why is a desktop better than a laptop?

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