How to use Microsoft Whiteboard to create quality freeform digital canvas

If you’re looking for a quality freeform digital canvas, then maybe you should check out Microsoft Whiteboard. With this tool, users can bring ideas, content, and people together. It’s a great tool that we can’t help but recommend to all who may have use for it.

How to create a whiteboard

How to use Microsoft Whiteboard

The first thing you will want to do is open the Whiteboard app, then click on the section that says Create New Whiteboard. If when you launch but the start menu doesn’t show up, please select the back icon which is the arrow pointing to the left.

Doing this should showcase the start menu. From there, follow the steps above to create your first Whiteboard.

How to use Microsoft Whiteboard

One of the cool things about Microsoft Whiteboard is the ability to collaborate in real-time anywhere around the world, as long as an internet connection is in play. Furthermore, the Whiteboard tool is available in the web browser as well, which is a nice touch.

Another great aspect of Microsoft Whiteboard is the fact that users can save their content to the cloud. Additionally, files are saved automatically, so no need to get too heavy-handed there, just let the app do the hard work.

  1. Collaborate with a team
  2. Go to the Settings Menu

Let us discuss this in more detail.

1] Collaborate with a team

We can say for certain that Microsoft Whiteboard is used a lot for collaboration, so let’s look at the basics where this is concerned.

The first thing you must do before collaborating on a project is to add a team member. This can be done by opening Whiteboard, then after signing in with your Microsoft account. From there, be sure to select the Invite Someone icon that sits beside your profile photo.

Right away, a section will come up giving you the ability to create a shareable link for the web. Toggle the button to get the link, then copy and share it with all members of your team.

2] Go to the Settings Menu

Another thing beginner must look into before getting to work, is the Settings Menu since it contains some important things. Open this area by clicking on the hamburger menu, and from there, several options should appear.

Users can activate the Active Pen feature, Ink to shape, Ink to table, and more. Additionally, formatting the background is possible here, along with deleting an entire canvas.

Whiteboard tools you’ll be using

  1. Take advantage of Inking Mode
  2. Add a picture
  3. How to use the Ruler
  4. How to lock image to background
  5. How to use Bing search in whiteboard

1] Take advantage of Inking Mode

By default, the inking mode is not turned on, so just click on the button to get it up and running, then begin working on your masterpiece.

Now, as we can see from the image above, there are six pens to work with, and each has a unique color. Additionally, folks can take advantage of the Neon-yellow Highlighter, Eraser, Ruler, and Lasso select. Furthermore, if you click on any of the pens, an option will appear, giving you the ability to change the color and the thickness of the tip.

2] Add a picture

Should the need arise where you are required to add an image to the whiteboard, then how about clicking on the picture icon? Doing so will open Windows Explorer, so from there, locate your favorite image and add it to the Whiteboard.

You can also add notes via the icon beside the picture button. Click on the button then type your note, and finish by hitting the Enter key on your keyboard.

3] How to use the Ruler

On the screen, you should see a ruler icon that is designed to make sure the user doesn’t make too many mistakes when drawing. After tapping the icon, you must now position the ruler in the angle that makes sense for you, then proceed to draw.

You can rotate the ruler with the mouse, but if you’re using a touch screen, simply use two fingers to do the deed.

4] How to lock image to background

OK, so when it comes down to locking images to the background, the user must first press right-click on the mouse to fire up the context menu, and from there, select the image button. An open dialog box sho0uld now appear, so make sure to choose the image and hit the OK button.

If needed, please resize the picture or make other edits, and from there, right-click on the mouse to launch the context menu, then select Lock to background to complete the task. Should you need to unlock the picture, launch the context menu again, and select Unlock from background.

5] How to use Bing search in whiteboard

Not everyone wants to use Bing search, but it is the only option when using the Whiteboard tool.

Now, in order to use Bing search, please click on the insert button, then select Bing Image Search to launch Bing Search. From this section, type the name of an image and when it comes up, hit Insert.

I hope the post helps you get started with Whiteboard.

How to use Microsoft Whiteboard

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