How to Print your PowerPoint Presentation Slides, Notes, and Handouts

In our previous posts, we have seen how to use and create a PowerPoint presentation for your audience to create a powerful impact. Now, in this post, we will see how to print a PowerPoint presentation. In PowerPoint, you can print the slides, speaker notes, an outline, as well as create handouts for your audience.

Print PowerPoint Slides, Notes, and Handouts

Open the PowerPoint presentation that you are looking to print.

Print PowerPoint Slides, Notes, and Handouts

On the top left side in the Ribbon, click on the ‘File’ option.

How to Print a PowerPoint Presentation

As you can see in the image above, a Menu with different settings and commands will appear in the left pane. Click on ‘Print’. You will see Printer options, number of copies, and other settings such as the number of slides to print, the layout, color options, etc.


How to Print a PowerPoint Presentation

Under ‘Printer‘, click on the drop-down arrow and select the printer you want to print to. In case, the printer you are looking for is not available or visible in the list, you can choose the ‘Add Printer’ option to add the printer of your choice.

Also, select the number of copies you want to print.


Print your PowerPoint Slides, Notes, and Handouts

Under ‘Settings’, select the desired options you prefer from the drop-down menu. For Slides, choose to print all slides, print selection, the print current slide, or custom range, depending on how you prefer. This means you have the choice to print the entire presentation, or a few selected slides, or just the current slide.

How to Print a PowerPoint Presentation

Or, in the ‘Slides’ box, you can type the slide range or which slide numbers to print, separated by a comma.

How to Print a PowerPoint Presentation

Next, select the Print Layout you prefer. It is possible to print just the slides, or just the speaker notes, or just an outline, or handouts. If you want to print 1 slide per page, then, select ‘Full Page Slides’ to do so.

To print slides with notes, choose ‘Notes Pages’.

Note: The Notes Pages option shows the slides as well as the related speaker notes below it.

To print a text outline only, choose the ‘Outline’ option.

Note: The Outline prints only the text in the slides, without images.

Under ‘Handouts’, you will see a variety of layouts to print Handouts, vertically as well as horizontally. Several numbers of slides, ranging from 1 to even 9, can be printed on a single page. Choose the desired layout wisely in case you need some space for note-taking.

Example of an ideal layout of Handouts for note-taking

How to Print a PowerPoint Presentation - Handouts

In the above example, I have chosen the ‘3 Slides’ per page option in Portrait Orientation for Handouts and you can see how wonderful the layout looks, allowing the audience to take down notes in front of every slide. You can either choose Portrait Orientation or Landscape Orientation.

Under ‘Collated’, choose whether you want the sheets to be collated or uncollated, that is how you want the sequence of the sheets to be.

The next setting is related to the ‘Color’ preferences. From the drop-down menu, choose whether you want Color, Grayscale, or Pure Black and White.

Edit Header & Footer

How to Print a PowerPoint Presentation

At the end of the Settings, you will see a link called ‘Edit Header & Footer’. In this option, you can select whether you want to mention the date and time, slide number, and footer on the printed copies. Click ‘Apply to All’ to proceed.

Once all these settings are selected, click ‘Print’. The required number of copies with chosen slides, layout, and color settings will be out and ready for your audience to use.

How to Print a PowerPoint Presentation

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