How to play Minecraft Classic in your web browser

Can you play Minecraft in a web browser? Yes, you can! Minecraft is one of the most popular video games available on the market today, and that will likely not change for multiple more years to come. It’s easy to understand why the game is so popular, and with the current ray-tracing update, we expect more players to come on board.

How to play Minecraft in a web browser

Now, for those who were wondering, Microsoft is the owner of Minecraft after the purchase of the developer, Mojang. Since then, folks had a ton of options to play the game, and these include mobile, Windows computer, and video game consoles.

However, there has never been an option to play Minecraft in a web browser until now. Well, we should point out that this is not the regular version of Minecraft, but rather Minecraft Classic. What we have here is the first version of the game with all the bugs and limited gameplay features.

The game required Java and was only available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. But today we’re going to explain how anyone with a web browser and a computer can play this awesome game.

Visit the Minecraft Classic website

OK, so the first thing the user must do, is to fire up their favorite web browser. We prefer using Firefox due to its privacy features.

After launching the browser, visit the Minecraft Classic website right away to get things moving in the right direction.

The game should begin loading immediately, and once done, you will get the option to share a link with your friends to have them join the adventure.

Use the simple controls

How to play Minecraft in a web browser

When compared to the current version of the game, Minecraft Classic has super easy controls. To mine or place some blocks, simply right-click on the mouse and watch as the magic happens before your eyes. If you are coming from the current version of the game, then we believe you won’t find much fun here.

If you are new to the world of Minecraft, however, then the simplicity here would be a godsend.

Creative mode only supported

For those who were hoping to get a chance to ply in survival mode, then you’re out of luck because Minecraft Classic only allows for playing in Creative mode. As it stands, then, there will be no enemies to battle, but if you invite some friends, the entertainment aspect would likely increase.

Visit the Minecraft Classic website right here to play.

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