How to play Among Us on a Windows PC

Among Us is one of the most played video games currently and the current global situation caused Among Us to blow up in popularity. It was originally released on Android, iOS, and Windows. The growing popularity of the title drove the developer, Innersloth, to release the game on other platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

How to play Among Us on a Windows PC

How can I play Among Us on Windows computer?

The title is designed as a party-style game that is very simple. The goal of Among Us depends on the task of the player. You see, one or more players may have the task of being the imposter who must try and kill members of the team. The others are just there to fix a ship and stay alive while trying to find out who among them is the imposter.

If the crew manages to complete all of their tasks without anyone facing the knife, then they’ll achieve victory. If the imposter kills everyone, then that’s a victory for that particular player. Alternatively, crew members can come out victorious if they figure out who the imposter is.

The controls are very simple and as one might expect, so no real surprises here. However, the camera angle is top-down, so if you are a first or third-person type of player, then Among Us will not tickle your fancy, but potentially, it could.

How to play Among Us on a Windows 11/10 PC

Playing this game is super easy, but if you’re confused, then keep reading the information below to get a deeper understanding of what to do.

First, we must discuss how to play as a Crewmate since this is the mode most will play often than the other.

Crewmates are the ones who must ensure they are not picked off one by one by the imposter, which is no easy task.

  1. You won’t know until the game begins
  2. How to control your character?
  3. How to complete tasks?
  4. What to do if you find a dead body?
  5. Decide who the Imposter is

1] You won’t know until the game begins

Yes, you won’t have an idea if you’re a Crewmate until the beginning of the game. That’s because the game decides your role, and that’s a good thing.

2] How to control your character?

When it comes down to moving around, it all depends on what device you’re using. The game supports a keyboard and mouse on a computer, but on mobile, you are restricted to the touchscreen, and a controller if you’re playing on an Xbox or competing console platforms.

3] How to complete tasks?

When it is time to complete tasks, you must navigate to the correct room then select the correct object. You should have little to no problems getting things done from hereon.

4] What to do if you find a dead body?

The first course of action here is to report the findings. This will automatically call a team meeting where Crewmates will try to determine who is the Imposter. Still, if you wish not to report the body, then you are free to ignore it and continue on your way.

5] Decide who the Imposter is

From within the discussion area, you and others can attempt to locate the Imposter. From there, everyone can choose to vote on who it might be, and the person who gets the most votes will be kicked out into space.

If that person is the Imposter, the game ends. However, if they are not, the game continues and the dead Crewmate can help with fixing things as a ghost, but won’t be able to communicate.

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How to play Among Us as an Imposter?

  1. Take advantage of fake tasks
  2. How to kill a Crewmate?
  3. Can an Imposter report a body?
  4. Sabotage and move around faster

1] Take advantage of fake tasks

OK, so the Imposter is not required to accomplish official tasks similar to the Crewmates. This person is given fake ones which can be used to manipulate the rest of the team while you hunt them one-by-one.

2] How to kill a Crewmate?

You can kill a Crewmate with ease. Simply walk up close to your target, then hit the Kill button to complete the murder. Bear in mind the Kill button comes with a cooldown timer, so you won’t be able to use it as often as you would like.

3] Can an Imposter report a body?

Yes, it is possible for Imposters to report the location of a body. It all depends on the strategy of the Imposter in the grand scheme of things.

4] Sabotage and move around faster

The Imposter is able to sabotage the spaceship to cause confusion and force Crewmates to make repairs. This player can also move through certain vents, but only the Imposter can do this so if any player witnesses a person going into a vent, then it would be obvious who the Imposter is.

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Can you play Among Us on PC?

If you’re interested in playing Among Us right now, there are many ways to enjoy this wonderful game. If you’re on a Windows computer, simply visit the Microsoft Store to download it. The cost is $4.99, so not expensive. However, if you are subscribed to Game Pass, then the game is available for free.

For those who are not fans of the Microsoft Store, well, worry not because Among Us can be found on Steam for $4.99. Now, at the time of writing, there is a special promotion where the title has a 25 percent price reduction until the 5th of January.

In terms of mobile, you can get Among Us for free via the Google Play Store, but bear in mind you will have to contend with in-game advertisements and in-app purchases. The same can be said for the iOS version of the game.

When it comes down to the Xbox, the price of the game is $4.99 as well, but with Game Pass, you will pay nothing, so keep that in mind.

Are there other games like Among Us?

If you enjoy playing Among Us, then there are a few games you may find pleasing. These titles are as follows:

  • Garry’s Mod: Trouble In Terrorist Town
  • Barotrauma
  • Project Winter
  • The Escapists
  • Unfortunate Spacemen
  • Secret Neighbor.

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