How to make posters or banners with Publisher

Microsoft Publisher has so many features and uses, it is like an endless bag of goodies. From simple posters to elaborate calendars. Advertising is one way of getting the word out there and a banner is a good way to advertise.

Banners are large and will be seen by many persons from a great distance. A banner is like a heading, it is a summary of what is happening, persons are drawn in by the heading if it is properly done, then they come for the details.

How to make banners with Publisher

Publisher is very versatile and is only limited by your imagination. Creating a great banner can be quite simple if the proper steps are taken. A banner will be printed on multiple sheets of paper to fit the desired length and width.

This article will show you how to create banners with Publisher and also share some tips and tricks when creating banners with Publisher, by covering the following topics.

  1. Organize resources
  2. Decide on the look
  3. Creating the banner
  4. Printing
  5. Putting the banner together.

Let us make the Publisher banner

A great Publisher banner is possible if care is taken in planning properly. The steps will be guides that will make it easier and faster to create great Publisher banners. It is also wise to use this banner as a template to create future Publisher banners. Making this banner a template will save time when creating more publisher banners.

1] Organize resources

Knowing the purpose of the banner will make it easier to know what resources to gather and organize before beginning the project. Pictures and other items that may need to be on the banner will need to be digitized through scanning or camera. You may need glue, cord, tacks, and other items that will need to be secured to put the banner together. The Publisher banner will be printed on multiple sheets so they will need to be glued. The banner may be glued on the wall or placed with string or tacks. These items will need to be sourced and kept for the final steps of the banner. Measure the space that the banner is to fit so that the correct size can be known.

2] Decide on the look

The look of the banner will depend on the occasion. Publisher banners can be used for any occasion that you can think of. Publisher banners can be for formal occasions, casual occasions, and informal occasions. Below are just a few of the occasions that Publisher banners can be used for.

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Office parties
  • Header for notice boards
  • Welcome home banners
  • Fish fry

Every occasion will dictate the look of the banner, the font, colour scheme, style, and pictures. The space for the banner to fit will also dictate the length of the banner. It is also good to note the conditions of the location, will the banner be exposed to the elements. These considerations will let you know what medium to print on. Creating Publisher banners will give you the option to have your style and it will be one of a kind. Remember that your banner is the visual version of a loudspeaker, so make it attractive. Persons will use the look of the banner to get a feel of the event. Decorate a fish fry banner so that persons will want to come and support, make their mouth water.  A technology banner should give a visual representation of what the event or place is about.

3] Creating the banner

Windows 10 start menu

Click start then go to the Microsoft Office icon and click it.

Office 365all apps option 1

Click All apps at the bottom left corner of the window. This will open a window with Office 365 apps.

Office 365 apps

Click Publisher from the list of Office 365 apps that are displayed in the window

Publisher template options

Click more templates to bring up more templates and to also see the options for Office online templates or Built-in templates that are located on your computer.

Publisher full template options

Click Built-in and then click Banner, this will bring up a lot of options for styles of banners.

Publisher banner options

Choose the style banner you like and modify it further by choosing the color scheme, font scheme, and adding information. There are also pre-made banners to choose from. If none of these fits your style, you can just modify it later. When this is all done just click Create to start working on your banner of choice. You will notice that the choices of banner fall under different categories and each has a different design. You may modify the template and if you have graphics skills, you could build background and other artwork to enhance the banner. If you scroll down you will notice different blank banner sizes. Remember to save as you go along just in case of any eventualities, you would not have to start all over.

4] Printing

Before printing it is best to pay keen attention to the print preview. Using print preview to see the final result is the best option. Using print preview will help you to see the final result and so you can make adjustments before the final print. Print preview will show the orientation of each sheet and also the number of sheets that the final banner will be printed on. You can make adjustments to make it fit on more or fewer pages.

Printing full-color banner pages

Publisher banners would look great if the color background does not have the white print border. The print border is due to the printer needing to hold the edges of the paper as it passes through. If you don’t mind the white edges or your printer does not print wider sheets, then you can keep the border. If you hate the white print border and you have a large format printer, there is a way to print full color background for the banner. This method is called bleed printing. Bleed printing is where you print on a larger sheet of paper, allow the color background to fill as far as possible, then cut the desired size. This way the background will fill the entire finished sheet of paper.

5] Putting the banner together

Publisher banner print preview

During the print preview, you will see that the banner is on multiple sheets. After printing the banner, cut off one of the short edges, overlap on the matching page, and paste.

Publisher banner completed

Be sure that you layout the pages in the proper order for the banner before cutting. You can choose to cut paper board to the size of the banner, put the pieces onto the paper board, and paste onto the paper board. This banner will be heavy; however, it can be mounted by punching holes at the short ends and hanging on a string.

Publisher banners are easy, cost next to nothing, and can be made almost anywhere by anyone. They take little or no skill to create, but some graphic skills could make the banner much better. Banners are advertisements so they should look the part. Make the banner interesting and attractive. Persons will make assumptions about the event that the banner represents based on the look of the banner. On the other hand, be careful not to decorate the banner too much. Make sure the banner is visible and readable so that persons can pick up the message with a quick scan. We are living in a fast-paced society so few persons will want to stand around to read and try to figure out.

Microsoft Publisher logo

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