How to make a Chef Hat in Illustrator

Food is such an important part of our daily lives. There are so many new food establishments around, I can imagine someone wants to design some of their own art for their business. Money may be tight and doing some of the work would be a big help. Well, today I will be showing you how to make a chef’s hat for those who would love to know an easy way to make one using Adobe Illustrator.

How to make a Chef Hat in Illustrator

The symbol of a chef’s hat speaks of food almost everywhere it is shown. This makes it a fitting symbol for bakeries, snack manufacturers, culinary schools, and lots of other places. Here you will be shown how to make a chef’s hat. The process will be simple and easy for anyone to follow. Chef’s hats come in different shapes and sizes, but today you will see how to make an easy one. The steps involved are:

  1. Decide on the Look
  2. Use the Shapes
  3. Color the Chef’s Hat
  4. Save for Use

1] Decide on the Look

The best way to avoid problems in the future or at least to minimize them is to follow the three “P” of life. The first P is Plan, the second P is plan, and the third P is also plan. If you plan you can avoid a lot of problems. In designing this chef’s hat and anything else, it is important to plan. The extent of your success will depend on how well you plan. The first step in designing the chef’s hat is to plan the look. Make sketches in your head then transfer them to paper. Make a few sketches then decide on the best one.

The best design could be the one that best fits your theme. It could be a fine dining restaurant with a sophisticated theme so it needs something that will be unique. Plan the design, color, how it will be displayed, the materials, and what forms it will take throughout the business.

2] Use the Shapes

After deciding on the look and planning all the other things, it will be easier to decide on what shapes to use to accomplish the task. When you have decided on the look as in the first step and you have made the sketches, you will be able to have an idea of what shapes to use.

Combined shapes

Use the ellipse to create the iconic puff look at the top. Combine three ellipses and the rectangle with the Shape Builder tool.

Shapes joined

This is the shape after the ellipses and the rectangle has been merged using the shape builder tool and excess pieces removed,

Shape with slice removed

Select the cloud-like shape and use the scissors to cut off the lower piece then delete the cut piece.

Shape with lower part deleted

After removing the lower part from the cloud-like shape.

Shape with thick stroke

Increase the stroke around the shape so that it has a puffier cloudier look.

Line option

Click on the shape go to the line tool at the top where you see Uniform, click the Down Arrow, then click Variable Width Profile 2. This gives the shape a puffier look. And makes the ends of the stroke smaller.

Choose rectangle tool

Use the rectangle tool at the bottom of the other shape, this will be the part that fits on the head.

rectangle addedMake sure that the stroke around the rectangle is thick enough.

Choose arch option


Select the rectangle and go to the top of the window and select Effect then Warp then Arch.


Arch Option

A Warp Options window will appear, and you can adjust the bend to your liking. Be sure to click preview so you can see the live changes. Click ok when you get the bend to your liking.

Line shape option

Select the rectangle and go to the top of the screen and click the down arrow at the line option where you see Uniform. Click Variable Width to give the stroke around the rectangle Varied Width.

Use the Arc Tool to create the lines on the chef’s hat that will give it an angled look. Use the Variable Width of the line tool on the Arcs.

Arch tools on chef's hat

The chef’s hat with the Arch tool.

3] Color the Chef’s Hat

The chef’s hat can remain white with the black stroke. You may also choose to give the hat color. You color it by clicking both pieces that make up the hat. You may also give the stroke around the hat a separate color or choose to make it remain black or be the same color as the rest of the hat.

Completed chef's hat

This is the finished chef’s hat in black and white.

How to make a Chef Hat in IllustratorYou may change the color of the hat to whatever color you like. Just click both parts and change the colors individually. You may also change the color of the stroke around the hat.

4] Save for Use

Saving the finished chef’s hat in the Illustrator format will ensure that it can be edited later. You can also save it in different color formats depending on what you will use it for. RGB format is best for displaying on screens while CMYK is best for print. You can save it as an SVG file format or PDF to keep the hat as a vector so that it can be used for large format projects. To get a brighter image for small format use, you can export it as JPG or PNG.

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What are the shapes that make up the chef’s hat?

The shapes that are used to make up the chef’s hat are, ellipse, square, and arc tool. This chef’s hat is quite easy to make but it looks very well don’t. Anyone can read this article and make the chef’s hat.

Why is the Chef’s hat white?

The chef’s hat is white because that is the most common color chef’s hat. A chef’s uniform is usually white, even though other color uniforms do exist. However, in high end kitchens, the chef’s uniform is usually white.

Blue chef's hat

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