How to make a Brochure in Google Docs

Here is a guide on how to make a Brochure in Google Docs. A Brochure is a type of magazine that provides information on a product or service. It contains images and textual content that gives an overview of a service. It is basically used to advertise your product, reach out to a larger audience, and let your customer know more about your services.

How to create a Brochure in Google Docs

Now, if you want to create a brochure in Google Docs, this tutorial will help you. In this article, I am going to mention two different methods with steps with step-by-step procedures to make a brochure in Google Docs. So, without much ado, let’s get started with the brochure-making process in Google Docs.

How to make a Brochure in Google Docs

Here are the two methods that I am going to discuss to design a brochure in Google Docs:

  1. Use a Brochure Template to create a Two-Page Brochure.
  2. Manually create a brochure in Google Docs from Scratch.

Let us discuss these methods in detail!

1] Use a Brochure Template to create a Two-Page Brochure

You can use a pre-designed template for creating brochures. Here are the steps to create a two-page brochure using an existing template:

  1. Open Google Docs in your browser.
  2. Go to File > New > From Template option.
  3. Browse and select the Brochure template.
  4. Customize the brochure as per your requirements.
  5. Save the brochure document or directly print it.

Firstly, open Google Docs in your web browser and open an existing document or create a new blank document. Now, go to the File menu, and then click on the New option and select the From Template option.

On the Template gallery page, manually search for the Brochure template; you will most probably find it under the Work category. Select it to open and edit it to create your own brochure.

Now, you will see a sample brochure design that you can customize as per your requirement. You can add new images, replace existing images, edit the headings and main content, customize the font and appearance, and do a lot more.

When done, you can download the final brochure in various formats like DOCX, PDF, RTF, ODT, EPUB, and more formats. You can also publish the brochure to the web or directly print it.

2] Manually create a brochure in Google Docs from Scratch

Apart from using a brochure template, you can also create a brochure in Google Docs from scratch. Here is a step-by-step procedure for that:

  1. Go to Google Docs and create a blank document.
  2. Configure page setup options according to a brochure.
  3. Add a table and set up the table layout (for the front cover).
  4. Add a new page with the same table size and layout (for the inside page).
  5. Insert Content to your Brochure including images, icons, text, etc.
  6. Hide the Table Outline.
  7. Save the brochure or print the tri-fold brochure on a duplex printer.

Firstly, open Google Docs and create a blank document.

Now, you have to set up page configurations as per your brochure’s specifications. For that, go to the File menu and click on the Page Setup option. And, select the page orientation to Landscape and setup the margins accordingly.

Next, you need to add a table to design your brochure. You can also add a custom size table based on the kind of brochure you want to create. Here, I have added a table with three columns and one row to create a tri-fold brochure.

After adding the table, expand the size of the row by selecting and dragging the below line towards the end of the page.

Again, add a new page with the same table size and layout as above. This is for the brochure inside page.

Now that you have added a table to both front and inside pages, you can start adding your content to create your brochure. Simply add images, logos, text, drawings, dates, charts, icons, and more. Furthermore, you can align the content accordingly, change the font, format all the content, and do much more with the brochure design. You can also play with background color, text color, and font types to make your brochure look more appealing and stylish.

When you are done writing the main content in the brochure, you can hide the outline from the table to make it look like a brochure. For that, go to the Format menu and click on the Table > Table Properties option. From the Table Properties dialog window, set the table border width to 0pt and press the OK button.

When all is done, you can directly print the brochure on a duplex printer with front and inside pages. Additionally, you can download a brochure in any of the supported formats or publish it on the web to let everyone see it online.

That’s it! Hope this helps you create brochures in Google Docs without any hassle.

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How to create a Brochure in Google Docs

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