How to link Steam to YouTube and verify game files

Linking a YouTube account to Steam is a real thing, so anyone who feels the need should give it a test drive. Now, since this is likely the first time you’ve heard of this option, were going to talk about how to link your YouTube account with ease.

Link Steam to YouTube

The main reason to link Steam with YouTube is to add videos to your account. Its nothing special, of course, but many might find this as something cool. Now, the benefits here are one-sided because there’s no option to add Steam content to YouTube. But hey, there is little reason for anyone wanting to add Steam content to YouTube because there isn’t much stuff to add.

To link your Steam to your YouTube account, do the following:

  1. Open Steam client
  2. Navigate to Videos setting
  3. Locate & click on Link YouTube Account
  4. Press the Access Your YouTube Videos green button
  5. Sign in to your YouTube account when asked.

Let us look at this in detail.

Log-in to Steam

OK, so the first step you will want to make here, is to log into your Steam account via the client. From what we can tell right now, the possibility is there to perform this action from the website, so if you’re not interested in using the client, then go from the web browser instead.

Link to YouTube

After firing up the Steam client, please click on your personal name, then navigate to Videos. Once you’ve done that, look for the section that reads, Link YouTube Account, and click on it right away. From the newly loaded page, there’s a green button at the bottom that says, Access Your YouTube Videos.

Click on that button then sign in to your YouTube account with the use of your Google account credentials.

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Verify the integrity of Steam game files

Verify the integrity of Steam game files

If you experience crashes while playing a video game on a regular basis, objects in the game world not working as they should, then chances are you will need to check if the game files are in good shape.

To accomplish this, restart your computer and launch the Steam client. Next, you will want to click on Library, and from that section, right-click on the affected video game and select Properties. From here, you should see a tab that says Local files. Please click on it then select Verify integrity of game files.

Steam will take several minutes to verify the files, so stay put for a while. Furthermore, speed is dependent on the performance of your computer and the internet.

Now, bear in mind that one or more files may fail to verify. Don’t lose your mind because this is normal. Just ignore and move along.

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