How to install Steam Skins on Windows 11/10

Skins are essential to many users on Steam, and it’s easy to understand why. You see, with the use of Skins, users can easily customize the look of the client to fit their mood better. We have spoken of Steam skins before, but not in this context.

What are Steam Skins?

OK, so skins are a quick and easy way for Steam users to customize the user interface of the platform. Folks will have the chance to move away from the boring default design to something more colorful if they wish to do so.

How to install Steam Skins

How to download and install Steam skins on Windows PC

The information below will explain in detail how to download skins and add them to your Steam client for the desktop and the web:

  1. Navigate to the SteamSkins website
  2. Download a popular skin
  3. Select and download a skin
  4. Create a Skin folder and extract files
  5. Add the skin from Steam’s Settings area

1] Navigate to the SteamSkins website

In order for you to take full advantage of what Steam skins have to offer, you must first download one or more to your Windows 11/10 computer as soon as possible. We suggest visiting, a great website that provides excellent skins for your Steam client.

2] Download a popular skin

Once you’ve visited the website, you should click on the Popular tab to see all the top skins used by most people. At the moment, the top Skin is Metro, and it has secured that position for some time. There are other popular skins, so pick the one that speaks to you, or simply go for a not-so-popular skin. The choice is always yours, of course.

Bear in mind; you can choose from Anime, Clean, Colors, Dark, Light, and Soft.

3] Select and download a skin

OK, so the next step is to choose your preferred skin and select it. From there, scroll down to the bottom and be sure to click on one of the two download buttons. One is called Direct Download, and the other, External Download.

If you click on External Download, a new tab will open in the web browser. When that happens, click on the Download button again on that website.

4] Create a Skin folder and extract files

Now, before you can play around with your newly downloaded skin, you’ll be required to create a particular folder. Navigate to C:Program Files (x86)Steam, and from there, create a new folder called skins. Once that is done, you should return to the skin you’ve recently downloaded and extract the items from the .zip file.

The extracted files should then be copied and pasted into the skins folder right away. Finally, delete the .zip folder if you wish.

5] Add the skin from Steam’s Settings area

How to add Steam Skins on Windows 11/10

After you have moved all the files to the skins folder, it is now time to fire up the Steam client. Once that is done, click on Steam > Settings.

From the sidebar, please click on Interface. From there, look for the section that reads, “Select the skin you wish Steam to use.” From the dropdown menu, select your Skin from the list.

After confirming, Steam will restart, and right away, you should see your new Skin in action.

Where do I get Steam Skins?

Many websites like,,,,, offer good Steam skins that are free to download.

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How to install Steam Skins

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