How to insert Formula in Word Table

Tables are a great thing to use because doing so provides a great way to provide structured ways to showcase information. You can add formulas Tables quite easily in Microsoft Excel, but what about Microsoft Word, is this even possible there?

Yes, it is. The easiest way is to embed your Excel document with the Tables into Microsoft Word, but if you want to get the job done from within Microsoft Word itself, then that is very much a possibility as well.

How to add Tables to Microsoft Word

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Before adding formulas to a Table in Word, you must first add the Table to the Word document before everything else. It can be done via the Insert tab. This Word Tutorial will help you with that,

How to insert Formula in Word Table

Dropping one or more formulas to a Table in a Microsoft Word document is possible. The information below will teach you how:

  1. Find the Layout tab and choose Formula
  2. Add a formula
  3. What about the Number Format?
  4. Paste previously used Functions

1] Find the Layout tab and choose Formula

OK, we should begin by clicking on the Layout tab located on the Microsoft Word ribbon, and from there, look for the Formula option and select it. Formula is located to the far right of the ribbon, so you can never miss it, even if you try.

2] Add a formula

How to insert Formula in Word Table

The next move you will want to make after selecting the Formula button is to add a formula. There are several ways to get this done, but one must follow a particular rule. You see, it is essential to include the equal sign.

For example, the formula must look like the following:


The word that comes after the equal sign is deemed as a function, and there are quite a few of them. As for the words in the bracket, they are the positions. Folks can use ABOVE, BELOW, LEFT, and RIGHT. It is also possible to combine positions, but it all depends on the location of the cells.

3] What about the Number Format?

You don’t have to add anything to the Number Format because it depends on what you want in your Table. But if you’re going to, then the options are a whole number, decimal, percent, and currency.

4] Paste previously used Functions

If you want to get things done much faster than before, we suggest using the Paste Function feature. Here you will find functions you’ve used before, so instead of going through the trouble of manually adding the formula every time, just use Paste Function, and that’s it.

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