How to insert and modify WordArt in Publisher

WordArt is a Gallery of Text styles that you can add to your publications to add some artistic flair to the text in your document. People would use the WordArt feature to place on their Birthday cards, Greeting Cards, Posters, etc. to make their cards look appealing to others. In Publisher you can change the WordArt style, shape, color, effects, height, width, and more. In this tutorial, we will explain more about the WordArt feature in Microsoft Publisher.

How to insert and modify WordArt in Publisher

How to insert WordArt in Publisher

Launch Publisher.

Click the Insert tab and click WordArt in the Text group.

An Edit WordArt textbox will appear.

In the Edit WordArt textbox, you can change the Font, Font size, and Formatting of the WordArt text (Italic, Bold).

Then click OK.

The WordArt will appear in your publication.

How to modify WordArt in Publisher

When the WordArt textbox is selected it will go on the WordArt tab. The WordArt feature consists of various features that can assist you to modify your WordArt and are divided into four groups.

The Text groups

How to insert and modify WordArt in Publisher

  • Edit Text: If you want to change the text of your WordArt, click the Edit text button. An Edit WordArt textbox dialog box will open where you can make changes to your text.
  • Spacing: Change the spacing between the letters of the text.
  • Even Height: Make all letters the same height both Uppercase and Lowercase.
  • Vertical height: Draw the text vertically with the letters stacked on top of each other.
  • Align Text: Specifies how individual lines of a multiline WordArt should be aligned.

Word Art Styles group

Word Style Group (How to insert and modify WordArt in Publisher)

  • The WordArt styles gallery:  Allows users to choose from a variety of WordArt Styles.
  • Change Shape: Change the Overall shape of the WordArt.
  • Shape Fill: Fill the selected shape with solid color, gradient, pattern, and picture.
  • Shape Outline: Pick a color, width, and line style for the outline of the shape.
  • Shape Effect: Apply a visual effect to the selected shape. Shadow, Glow, Reflection, etc.

Arrange Group

  • Wrap Text: Change the way text wraps around the object.
  • Bring Forward: Bring the selected object Forward, so that is hidden behind fewer objects.
  • Send Backward: Send the selected object backward, so that it is hidden behind more objects.
  • Align: Change the placement of your selected object on the page.
  • Group: Group objects together to format them as a single object.
  • Ungroup: Break the connection between grouped objects.
  • Rotate: Rotate and flip the selected object.

Size Group

  • Height: Change the height of the shape or picture.
  • Width: Change the width of the shape or picture.
  • Measurement: Show the measure task pane.

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How do you edit WordArt in Publisher?

If you want to make some changes to your WordArt text. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select the WordArt text you want to change.
  2. On the WordArt tab, click Edit Text in the Text group.

How do you modify a WordArt text?

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What is the use of WordArt feature?

The WordArt feature’s purpose is to modify the text so that it can look appealing in your document. Persons can even use features offered on the WordArt tab to modify their text such as increasing the height or adding effects.

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We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to insert and modify WordArt in Publisher.

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