How to insert a Caption in Word

In Microsoft Word, you can add captions to your table, figures, equations, and other objects. Captions use 1,2,3 number format by default; you can select a different number format for each type of captioned element.

What is a Caption in Word?

A caption is a feature in Microsoft Word that labels your picture or object. The default options for the caption are Equation, Figure, and Table.

How to insert a Caption in Word?

Adding captions to objects in Microsoft Word is easy and not challenging to do. In this tutorial, we will explain how to use the Insert Caption feature in Microsoft Word. To insert a caption in Word, follow the steps below.

How to insert a Caption in Word

To insert a Caption in Microsoft Word follow the steps below.

  1. Launch Microsoft Word
  2. Click the Reference tab
  3. Click Insert Caption
  4. In the dialog box name the caption
  5. Choose a label
  6. Then select a position
  7. Click OK

Launch Microsoft Word.

Click the object you want to add the caption to, for instance, equation, table, figure, or any other object in your document.

How to add a Caption in Word

Click the Reference tab and click Insert Caption in the Captions group.

A Caption dialog box will open.

Inside the dialog box, type the text you want to appear after the label in the Caption section.

You can select the label that best describes the object; the default label provided in the list is Equation, Figure, and Table.

You can also choose the position where you want to place the label.  You can select Below the selected item or Above the selected item in the Position list.

If the list does not provide the label you want, click New Label and type the label name in the Label box.

Then click OK.

If you want to change the numbering of the figure, click the Numbering button.

A Captioning Numbering dialog box will open in the Format section, click the drop-down arrow to select a numbering format, then click OK.

Click OK after selecting and positioning your label and enter text in the Caption section.

You will see the caption under the object.

How to delete a Caption in Word

To delete a Caption in Word:

  • Highlight the text your want to delete
  • Press Delete on the keyboard.

We hope this tutorial helps you insert a caption in Microsoft Word; if you have questions about the tutorial, let us know.

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