How to fix Keyboard Lag in Windows 10

When using a keyboard, if you experience a lag between your typing and the text that appears on the screen, then this post will help you fix the problem. Since the problem can have varying reasons, any one of the solutions can work. However, it is mostly because of a connectivity issue or the drivers that adds to the delay.  However, before we start, make sure the Keyboard is not loosely connected to the computer. It is one of the reasons why people see a lag and can be fixed rather quickly.

How to fix Keyboard Lag in Windows 10

These troubleshooting tips can be followed by anyone as long as they have admin permission. Also, make sure to create a restore point as we are dealing with removing hardware and uninstalling drivers.

  1. Run Keyboard troubleshooter
  2. Disconnect and reconnect
  3. Turn off filter keys
  4. Reduce key repeat interval
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the KeyboardKeyboard
  6. Update keyboard driver.

Make sure to test if the lag exists after each troubleshooting tip.

1] Run Keyboard troubleshooter

Keyboard Troubleshooter to fix lag

  • Open Windows 10 Settings (Win + I)
  • Navigate to Update and Security > Troubleshoot
  • Select Keyboard from the list
  • Click on Run the Keyboard Troubleshooter button

Once the wizard completes fixing the problem, check if you still have the lag.

2] Disconnect and reconnect

Depending on what type of KeyboardKeyboard you have—Wired or Bluetooth—disconnect from the system, and reconnect. Sometimes it resolves the problem automatically. In the case of Bluetooth keyboard, you may want to check if its low on battery. You may have to change the battery or charge it.

3] Turn off filter keys

Turn off Filter Keys Windows

Filter Keys is a Microsoft Windows Accessibility feature. It allows the computer to ignore keyboard stroke, which is repetitive in nature and happens in a short time.  They are built for those who face inaccurate hand movements or sudden movement. If you have accidentally turned it on, you will face the delay because your keyboard strokes will be regular.

To quickly turn them off, you can repeat the press Shift key for eight times, and you will get a prompt to deactivate filter keys. The same can be used to turn it on. There are alternate methods as well.

  • Open Windows Settings ( Win + I)
  • Navigate to Ease of Access > Keyboard
  • Under “Use Filter Keys section,” turn off the toggle

4] Reduce key repeat interval

Windows 10 Keyboard Settings

You can choose to change the key repeat interval to sync between your typing and characters appearing on the screen.

  • Use Win + R to open run prompt and type control KeyboardKeyboard followed but pressing the enter key.
  • It will open the Keyboard Properties Windows.
  • Switch to Speed section, and then adjust the repeat delay and repeat rate for the KeyboardKeyboard.

5] Uninstall and reinstall the KeyboardKeyboard

uninstall hardware device windows 10

  • Open Device Manager using Win X, followed by M key
  • Expand the Keyboard section, and select your KeyboardKeyboard
  • Right-click on it, and choose to uninstall the device
  • Next, click on Action many, and then select scan for hardware changes.
  • The KeyboardKeyboard will be detected, and the driver will be automatically installed.

In case Windows installs a generic driver, right-click on the keyboard listing, and update driver. You may have to update the driver here manually.

6] Update Keyboard Driver

The last in the list is to update the keyboard driver. I am sure that Windows must have already installed the best-suited driver, but if you have a drive from the OEM of the Keyboard, you can install it. It happens that Microsoft might not choose the OEM driver to be the best one because it may conflict, but things can be otherwise. The best way to update the driver would be to download from the OEM website and then install the software. The package will automatically override the existing driver.

I hope the steps were easy to follow, and you were able to fix Keyboard Lag in Windows 10.

Turn off Filter Keys Windows

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