How To Export Birthday Calendar From Facebook

Let’s admit this, we don’t really remember the birthdays of all our friends, colleagues, etc., it’s usually Facebook that reminds us. What if someday you forget to check your Facebook account or miss a notification and miss some important birthday?


We have a solution! You can actually extract the Facebook birthday calendar and never miss any birthdays. All you need to do is to download this Birthday Calendar Extractor for Facebook Chrome extension. It will work on the new Microsoft Edge browser too!

Export Birthday Calendar from Facebook

Birthday Calendar Extractor for Facebook lets you download the entire Facebook birthday calendar in just a single click.

Download and pin the extension on your browser.

Next, open your Facebook page and click on the extension icon on your toolbar.

Save the calendar in your preferred format. You can save the calendar in ICS format or as an Excel sheet as per your own preference.

  • At the end of the process, a file named `birthday-calendar.ics` will be downloaded automatically to your Downloads folder.
  • Use the generated file to import your friend’s birthdays to your calendar program.
  • The developer suggests creating a new Birthday themed sub-calendar and use it for imports.

The entire birthday calendar, it can be then added to your Google Calendar or the Outlook Calendar.

Export Birthday Calendar from Facebook

There is also an option to delete the previously imported birthdays on your Google Calendar.

To do this, go to the extension icon and select ‘Remove from Google Calendar”

This extension is very useful for people who often forget the birthdays of their loved ones. Just download the extension and export the birthdays to your Outlook or Google Calendar.

The only thing I couldn’t figure out was the notifications. The extension will just add the birthdays to your calendar and you have to check the Calendar every day to see if there is an important birthday. Also, I have 4000 friends on Facebook so now my Outlook Calendar is full of birthdays – and so I still prefer checking my Facebook notifications for the birthday reminders.


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