How to designate Xbox One console as your home Xbox

With Xbox One gaming console you can experience true 4K gaming along with 4K entertainment. So, when you’re upgrading from an Xbox 360 or earlier versions, do not forget to designate the console as your home Xbox first. Use this tutorial as a helping guide to designate Xbox One console as your home Xbox.

Designate Xbox One console as your home Xbox

The Microsoft-offered gaming console comes packed with high-end titles promising you a world of great digital entertainment. The first step after you complete your purchase is to set up your Xbox One, both physically and digitally. The latter process involves, designating your Xbox One console as your Homebox.

  1. Open Xbox Guide
  2. Select a profile and go to Settings.
  3. Switch to Personalization
  4. Select the device as your Homebox.

If you are not aware of what do you mean Homebox, we will explain it to you. The first time you sign in to an Xbox One using your Microsoft account and save your password, that console becomes your home Xbox. It lets you share games and content with other people who sign in to it with their profile.

Press the Xbox button to open the guide.

Select Profile & system and go to ‘Settings’.

From the options displayed on the left sidebar, select ‘Personalization’.

Designate Xbox One console as your home Xbox

Then, switch to the right-pane and scroll down to the ‘My home Xbox’ option.

Click the option to make the console as your Homebox.

Alternatively, you can click it again to remove the device from Homebox designation.

It is important to remind you here that when you change home consoles, all device licenses for digital content will automatically be migrated to your new home Xbox and would no longer be available on your previous home Xbox.

Also, Microsoft allows you to change your home Xbox up to five times in year period.

If you reach your limit for the year, you’ll be given a new date when you would be eligible to change it again.

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