How to delete checked items in Google Keep Notes

Google Keep is a great tool for taking notes. It is not on the same level as Microsoft OneNote, but it works very well for all your basic note-taking needs, and even a little of advanced stuff as well. In case you did not know, Googe Keep has been rebranded as Keep Notes.

Google Keep Notes

Now, one of the things we like to do when creating notes with these types of tools is creating a checklist. Whenever we are done with a particular item, we can simply check it off to highlight that it is no longer important. It is similar to when you are crossing off an item from a list by using a pen. Google Keep Notes even has an animation that makes it look like that too, and that’s nice.

Delete checked items from Google Keep Notes

We understand that at times, your checklist might become too long for comfort, therefore we are going to explain how to delete these items the easy way. But before we do that, let us explain a few more things.

How to uncheck all items

OK, so when it comes down to unchecking all items at the same time, you must first open Google Keeps, then click on the menu button, which is the one with the three dots. From the dropdown menu, please select Uncheck all items, and that’s it.

How to delete checked items on Desktop

Delete checked items from Notes in Google Keep

Now, we should point out that there is a Google Keep app for Android and iOS, but we will focus on the version available through the web browser.

In order to delete all checked items, click on the same menu button as described above, then select Delete checked items.

If you want, the option is there to hide the checked items as well. That alone should be enough to remove all items from the list, but it will not remove the note itself.

Again, please click on the menu button, then hit Delete note to remove the entire note altogether.

If you have any more problems with Google Keep, feel free to give us a shout in the comment section and we will no doubt, give you a helping hand.

Google Keep Notes

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