How to create a Drop Cap in Google Docs in few minutes

Drop Cap looks good. We see them in books and newspapers. If you have ever wondered about creating a drop cap in Google Docs, this guide is for you.

The first letter of a document that looks big and covers 2 to 3 sentences is the drop cap we know. It looks larger than the rest of the alphabets in the sentence or paragraph and is usually in caps. Like Microsoft Word, Google Docs doesn’t have a feature to create drop caps. But with a few hacks, we can create them and make our documents look good. Let’s see how we can create a drop cap in Google Docs.

create a Drop Cap in Google Docs

How to create a Drop Cap in Google Docs

Creating a drop cap in Google Docs is an easy process. Open a new Google Doc and then:

  1. Click on Insert in the menu bar
  2. Select Drawing and then New
  3. Click on Actions and select Word art
  4. Enter the first letter to create a drop cap and press Enter
  5. Then click on Save and close
  6. Select the word and click on the Wrap Text button

Let’s dive into the process and create a drop cap.

In the new document of Google Docs, click on Insert, select Drawing, and then New to create and insert a new drawing.

Insert Drawing in Google Docs

A new Drawing pop-up will open. Click on Actions and select Word art to create a drop cap.

Word Art in Google Docs

After selecting the Word art, enter the first letter that you want to create a drop cap and press Enter.

Enter text for Word art

Then, you will see the preview of the letter you created using Word art in the Drawing pop-up. Edit its font, colors, etc, and click on Save and close.

Insert Word Art Drawing in Google Docs

The letter will now be inserted into the document. Now, you need to wrap the text around it to make it look like a drop cap. To do that, click on the letter to see options related to it. Click on the Wrap text icon from the text options.

Create Drop Cap in Google Docs

You can now type text around it and it will look like a drop cap.

Does Google Docs have a drop cap?

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Create Drop Cap in Google Docs

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