How to convert Google Slides to PowerPoint and vice-versa

Google Slides is a Microsoft PowerPoint alternative tool. If you are into the Google ecosystem, it makes sense for you to Google Slides. However, many a time, you need to switch between Google Slide and Microsoft’s PowerPoint. We love ina mixed ecosystem where we end up using both and switch based on the client requirement. In this post, we will share how you can convert Google Slide to PowerPoint and vice versa.

Google Drive offers the option to convert a presentation created in slides to Microsoft PowerPoint, ODP, PDF, and even images. Follow these methods to convert one format to another.

Convert Google Slide to PowerPoint

Convert Google Slide to PowerPoint

If you have received a Google Slide file on email or the drive, it is relatively straight forward to convert. Google Drive offers a built-in converter that allows you to download a Google Slide file as Microsoft PowerPoint.

There are three ways to convert slides to PowerPoint.

Right-click on the slide, and click download. It will download as a PPTX file.

The other way to convert is when the slide is open. Click on File Menu > Download > Microsoft PowerPoint. That said, there is no way to change it or disable it. You cannot change the default download format.

The third way is to import the slides to a new or existing Google Slide. You can import it from an already uploaded slide or the computer. Once the import is complete, you will get to see the preview of the slide. Select the slides you want to import and make surer to select the option—Leep original theme.

Convert PowerPoint to Google Slide

How to convert Google Slides to PowerPoint and vice-versa

To convert a PowerPoint into a Google Slide as soon as you upload it, you will have to enable a setting in the drive. Google will keep the files as is when you upload it to the drive, but if you want it to convert, open Google Drive, click on the Settings icon (cog icon in the menu). Check the box against the option—Convert upload files to Google Docs editor format.

You should know that both companies have their ways of handling the files. When you convert a PPTX into Google Slides, there is a chance that formatting will not be the same. So make sure if you are converting to Google Slides format, open it in the online editor, and check if everything is online. If the option is unchecked, Google Drive treats it as any other file and doesn’t do anything.

We hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to convert Google Slides to PowerPoint and vice versa. You must always check the formatting in the slide once you convert.

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Convert Google Slide to PowerPoint

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