How to contact Google AdSense by Email

Google’s Adsense is one of the most popular monetization programs on the internet. It is easy to set up and best for those who are starting with it. But with every program, there are issues, and Adsense is not shy of it. Unlike other programs, not everyone has access to an Account Manager, and it gets tough when your account faces a policy violation and nobody else is there to help. In this post, we are sharing ways to contact Adsense by email and to fix some of the Adsense issues using Troubleshooters.

Google AdSense

Here we are sharing three ways to contact Google and fix issues. Google directly offers them; we are pointing you towards it.

  • Contact Google AdSense by Email
  • Troubleshooters to fix Adsense issues
  • Bank Transfer Troubleshooter
  • Google AdSense account has been blocked.

It is important that you bookmark the post because it becomes difficult to find them right away when it’s trouble.

Contact Google AdSense by Email

Fix Adsense issues using Troubleshooters

It is the Contact page of Google Adsense where you can fill in the details of your issue, but it doesn’t let you send an email in most cases. On this page, you type in something about the issue you are facing, and then the algorithm helps you find a link to a community forum or create a new forum.  You can also look at this Adsense Help Page, where you get more links but in a categorized way.

Now the page allows you to email, but only in certain situations, especially when it’s urgent.  You will have to provide your name, email, publisher ID, attaching a file, the URL of the site, and a description of the query. It would help if you got a reply in a minimum of 3 days, but it can change depending on the conditions. You should receive an email from Don’t be surprised, if they just direct you to some other Help links and make you go around!

A few years ago, Adsense used to allot Managers for accounts, but not anymore.

Fix Adsense issues using Troubleshooters

Google Adsense offers readily available troubleshooting methods to resolve issues around the following problems. These links will help sort out all the basic problems, which might be because you oversee it or something that can be resolved by yourself.

  • Known Issues
  • Login issues
  • AdSense Site-Level Approvals Troubleshooter
  • Ads troubleshooting
  • Policy issues
  • Payments
  • Browser and computer issues
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) verification troubleshooter
  • 1099 Troubleshooter
  • Backup Withholding Troubleshooter
  • Google Analytics
  • Contacting AdSense

The last tip will take you to the contact page, where you will need to again fill in details to email them directly.

Bank Transfer Troubleshooter for AdSense

Contact Google AdSense by email

Once your Bank account is set up, you don’t have to d anything if you have received payment at least once.  But if you plan to change your account or for some reason, the wire transfer is not successful, then Adsense offers a Bank Transfer Troubleshooter page.

On a broader level, you need your Bank’s SWIFT code, followed by your local bank details. The Swift code allows the money to be transferred to your bank, which then moves to your account.  But you have an issue, follow the link to know how you can resolve it.

In the above example, the page helped to figure out how to track the payment by providing them with the SWIFT code. You will need to submit the publisher ID, exact payment amount, date, and other details that are readily available in the Adsense account.

Google AdSense account has been blocked

If your Google AdSense account has been blocked then these may help you:

  • If your account has been disabled due to Invalid Activity, fill and submit this appeal form.
  • If your account has been disabled due to Policy Violation, fill and submit this appeal form.

Contacting Adsense is no longer straight forward. Broadly speaking, there are no customers but only vendors. That’s all we publishers are, and sometimes it saddens me. I wish Google can come up with better support than let publishers asking questions in forums. There are so many that are lost there without a resolution.

Google AdSense

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