How to connect two laptops using WiFi to play LAN games

Online gaming with friends can be quite difficult at a time when folks are required to stay indoors. When most folks are home, the internet service tends to lose much of its quality, how does a bunch of friends go about enjoying a multiplayer game free of lag and all sorts of problems?

Connect two PCs to play multiplayer LAN games

One of the best ways to do this is by setting up a Local Area Network (LAN) party over Wi-Fi. Not everyone these days has time to set up Ethernet cables, therefore, using Wi-Fi is much easier and less time-consuming. In a situation such as this, all you need at your disposal, is a working wireless network, friends, and the required video games.

Now, we should point out that playing over Wi-Fi requires a game server on your computer, or one leased over the web and connected to your Wi-Fi router.

  1. Set up your Wireless Network for guest
  2. Locate the best position for your wireless router
  3. Boost weak Wi-Fi signal

Let us discuss this in more detail.

1] Set up your Wireless Network for guest

Were not going to explain how to set up a game server to your router because each router differs from the other, and game server services are usually not the same in terms of the set-up process. Now, first, you must create a guest network or a second network. But bear in mind that not every router on the market right now supports a second network.

If your router supports the parallel wireless network, then it would make a lot of sense to use the 2.4GHz standard. Yes, we know that it is slower than 5GHz, but it supports a longer range, which means, folks on the network can spread out more instead of being in a congested area.

Be sure to create an easy to recognize SSID and WPA2 security password, then share it among your friends.

2] Locate the best position for your wireless router

Connect two PCs to play multiplayer LAN games

The next step, and one of the most important of all, is to find the best spot in your house to place the wireless router. For everyone in the house or apartment to get a good signal, there shouldn’t be too many walls interfering with the signal.

So, the general idea is to place the wireless router in a central position, and after that, be sure to point the antennas away from walls and in separate directions at all times.

3] Boost weak Wi-Fi signal

If for some reason the signal is not being delivered to every person in the LAN party, then the next best step is to invest in a Wi-Fi booster. No amount of software will help in this regard; therefore, we suggest looking at external hardware.

We recommend the Wi-Fi Range Extender from Rock Space due to its over 1,000sq. ft range, and its support for up to 700Mbps speed. It’s quite powerful and should indeed deliver great improvements throughout.

Additionally, folks on the network who are experiencing problems should consider if they are using old Windows computers. Newer models tend to be much better at holding a strong signal, so if an old device is in place, upgrade to a newer one if possible.

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