How to charge Laptop without a Charger?

When it comes down to charging your laptop, this is usually done via an OEM laptop charger. In the eyes of many, there are no other ways to charge a laptop, but you know what? They’re wrong to a degree. You see, there are several laptop computers out there that have alternative charging methods, therefore, the default charger is not the only way to give the battery some juice.

How to charge Laptop without a Charger

In the months and years to come, can only hope that all laptops will no longer rely on a single charging system. Now, you might be wondering if it is safe enough to charge your laptop without a charger, and the answer to that is a resounding yes.

So, what are the options? We are going to discuss that right now.

  1. Charge with a universal charger
  2. Use your car battery to charge your device
  3. Charge your laptop computer with a power bank
  4. Charge by using a USB-C adapter

Let us talk about this in more detail.

1] Charge with a universal charger

If you do not have your OEM charger, you can use a Universal Charger. We like universal chargers because of their ability to charge multiple branded laptops. Bear in mind that quite a few of these chargers come with the option to increase and decrease the voltage. If you set the voltage too high, this could destroy your machine.

It is up to you, then, to do your research in order to determine if your laptop can handle a certain amount of voltage before taking the plunge.

2] Use your car battery to charge your device

How to charge Laptop without a Charger

Yes, it is possible to use your car battery to send some juice to your laptop battery, but the task is not a straightforward one. You see, you will need a special device that is not free to attain unless you know of someone willing to give it to you at a cost.

The device in question is a Power Inverter, and you can find these on Amazon quite easily. Now, we recommend getting one that is 300W or more. Anything less and you might have problems charging your laptop with consistent power output.

Be sure the one you’re purchasing supports USB.

3] Charge your laptop computer with a power bank

Every power bank that we know of comes packed with one or more USB ports. The newer ones support USB-C, which is the preferred technology for laptops that can charge without an OEM charger. Now, you will need to acquire a power bank that supports around 12-volts of power.

4] Charge by using a USB-C adapter

If you check on Amazon, we are pretty certain you’ll come across several USB-C adapters that are capable of charging a laptop. These adapters are usually designed to be plugged into the wall socket, which means, your laptop could get sufficient power to charge effectively.

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