Fix Windows Update Error 0x80240035

When installing a Windows 10 Update, if you receive an error code 0x80240035, then this post will help you resolve the problem. It is interesting to note that that the error also points to “WU_E_UPDATE_NOT_PROCESSED,” which means Windows 10 OS is not able to process or install the update. Here is the complete error message:

There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later, Error 0x80240035

Fix Windows Update Error 0x80240035

Windows Update Error 0x80240035

The good news is that this error is not something that cannot be resolved. Errors related to processing are usually processing or corruption issues. Follow these to fix the problem.

  1. Run the Network Troubleshooter
  2. Clear Windows Update cache folders
  3. Turn off Security Programs
  4. Download and Install the update manually.

Make sure to retry to download again after each troubleshooting step.

1] Run the Network Troubleshooter

Windows Network troubleshooter

When there is a continuous network issue, the download files get corrupted. While the OS may think that it is downloaded, and hence try to install it, but multiple failures with the same error code point to corruption.

  • Open Windows Settings ( Win + I)
  • Navigate to Update & Securit > Troubleshoot
  • Locate Network Adapter, click on it, and then click on Run the troubleshooter button

Once the wizard completes the process, it will resolve all network related issues on the PC and remove anything which might be blocking the download.

Do note if the problem is from your ISP, it has to be resolved from their end.

2] Clear Windows Update cache folders

Clear Windows Software Distribution folder

Windows download all the updates into the Software Distribution folder. The good idea is to delete everything inside the SoftwareDistribution folder and try downloading Windows updates. You can empty the folder only if you have admin privileges, and not without it. The folder is located at the following path


3] Turn off Security Programs

It happens rarely, but at times Security programs are known to block Windows Update downloads when not configured properly.

So if you have any Security and Antivirus program, you can try to disable them temporarily and retry the download.

4] Download and Install the update manually

Download Windows Updates manually

Most of the smaller updates are available to download offline. If you know which update the Windows Update is trying to download, you can download it and install it manually. It is even easier to find if the update has failed as it is mentioned in the update history.

Locate the KB number, and download it from Microsoft. Here is the full process of downloading Windows Updates manually.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to download the update and fix Windows Update Error 0x80240035.

Windows Update Error 0x80240035

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