Fix Discord Error 1105 on Windows PC

This post talks about how to fix Discord error 1105 on Windows PC. Discord is a voice chat and instant messaging service which is used by millions of users. It is getting more and more popular day by day. However, like any other service, it also has its share of errors and issues. Earlier, we discussed various errors on Discord like Discord Invite Invalid error, Discord Mic not working, Discord Console Log errors, Discord Voice Connection errors, and more. One of Discord’s many errors also includes Error 1105.

Fix Discord Error 1105 on Windows PC

This error 1105 on Discord primarily occurs when users attempt to open the Discord app. It can be Discord’s desktop app or web app. In this article, we are going to discuss how to fix this error up. But, prior to that, let us find out the reasons that might be triggering error 1105 on Discord. Let us get started now!

Why does my Discord say Error 1105?

There are different reasons due to which you might encounter error 1105 on Discord when opening the app. Here are the main causes of this issue:

  • One of the major reasons for this error can be Discord or Cloudflare server issues. There can be issues with the Discord server directly. Or, the problem might lie with the Cloudflare service that is used by Discord.
  • In case you are using a restrictive network like school, work, or some other, this problem may occur. The Discord app might be blocked due to bandwidth or some other limitations imposed by the network administrator.
  • There are also chances of this error due to corrupted app cache and data. If you get this issue right after a Discord update, it is possible that the update or some data was corrupted.

Now that you know the scenarios that trigger Discrod error 1105, let us discuss the solutions to get rid of the error.

Fix Discord Error 1105 on Windows PC

Here are the solutions that may help you fix the error 1105 on Discord on Windows PC:

  1. Check if it is a server error.
  2. Switch to a different network.
  3. Use a VPN service.
  4. Delete the corrupted app data for Discord.

Let us elaborate on the above solutions in detail.

1] Check if it is a server error

ASs we discussed earlier, this error might be caused due to Discord or CloudFlare server issues. Server outage is one of the common reasons for this error. So, the first thing you should try is to check the status of Discord. Also, you should check the status of Cloudflare as well.

To check the statuses of Discord and Cloudflare and see it is a server error, you can use these free websites to monitor the status of different services. Using any of these web services, you will get to know whether Discord and Cloudflare are working fine or their servers are down. If it is a server error, you can’t do anything about it. You will have to wait for the issues to be fixed from Discord’s end.

If you checked the current status of Discord and Cloudflare and the servers are not down, then there might be another cause for this problem. In that case, you can try some other solution from this post.

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2] Switch to a different network

A restricted network can also be a reason that you might receive this error on Discord. If you are getting this error while you are connected to a work network, restaurant or hotel WiFi, or school network, chances are that your network administrator has put some restrictions on Discord-type services. The restriction might be put to limit bandwidth usage.

If this scenario fits you, you will need to switch to a different network to get rid of this error. If you are out, you will need to go back and try connecting to your home or private network and see if the issue is gone.

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3] Use a VPN service

In case you are connected to a restricted network and you can’t go around to switch to a different network, there is a way out for that too. To bypass administrator-imposed restrictions, you can use a VPN service. VPN might help you get rid of Discord error 1105 caused due to a restricted network or a Level 3 ISP node.

There are many free VPN software and services available for Windows PC. You can use TunnelBear VPN, Globus Free VPN, Betternet VPN, and some other services that are free. Apart from these, there are some other good VPNs too, like ProtonVPN, NordVPN, etc. Launch Discord using a free VPN and see if the error is gone or not.

4] Delete the corrupted app data for Discord

If you make sure that it is not a server error or restricted network error, then perhaps the corrupted app cache and data are the culprit. This error is particularly a result of an improper or messed-up Discord update. If you start noticing this issue right after installing an update for Discord, you may conclude that the corrupted app cache is at fault. Some users have reportedly fixed the issue by deleting the corrupted app data for Discord. So, you can try doing that and see if the error no longer exists.

To delete app cache and data for Discord on Windows 11/10, here are the steps to follow:

Firstly, open the Run dialog by pressing Windows + R key combination. Now, type %appdata% in the Open box and press the Enter button. This will open up the AppData folder on your Windows PC. In case the folder is hidden, you can go to the File Explorer, and from the View tab, enable the Hidden Items checkbox.

Next, in the AppData folder, you will see all the installed applications on your PC. Simply scroll down to the Discord app and double-click on it to open the folder. You now need to delete all its data. For that, press Ctrl + A hotkey to select all the files and then press the Delete button to clear all the files.

After clearing up the AppData folder, you will need to clean the Local AppData folder too. For that, open the Run dialog and enter %localappdata% in it. Then, in the Local AppData folder, locate the Discord folder and open it. Delete all its data by selecting all the files and using the Delete option.

Try relaunching the Discord app and see if the app starts without throwing error 1105 or not.

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What does outage mean in Discord?

The outage in Discord means that the server is down or offline. It is like any other server outage when the server stops responding to the requests sent by clients. Now, this can be a result of system failures or crashes, communication issues or network outages, etc. Also, it can happen due to some technical or operational work going on at the end of Discord. It usually lasts for some time only. In any scenario, if the server is down, it is beyond your control. You will have to wait for the Discord support team to fix the issue and then you can start using it normally.

How do I fix Discord Cloudflare error?

Error 1105 can be Discord or Cloudflare server issues. As mentioned in this post, Check if it is a server error, Switch to a different network, Use a VPN service, Delete the corrupted app data for Discord. Something should help.

That’s it!

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Fix Discord Error 1105 on Windows PC

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