Escape Academy not loading, or crashing on startup

Some PC gamers have reported they cannot play Escape Academy on their Windows 11 or Windows 10 gaming computers. The issue is that the game does not load or crashes on startup or during gameplay. This post is intended to provide the most suitable solutions to successfully resolve this issue.

Escape Academy not loading, crashing on startup or during gameplay

Escape Academy not loading, or crashing on startup or during gameplay

If Escape Academy is not loading, crashing on startup, or during gameplay on your Windows 11/10 gaming rig, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if you can resolve the issue on your system.

  1. Check Escape Academy system requirements
  2. Install the latest game patch and updates
  3. Update drivers
  4. Verify Game file Integrity on Steam
  5. Troubleshoot in Clean Boot state
  6. Reinstall Escape Academy and Steam

Let’s take a look at the description of each of the listed fixes above.

1] Check Escape Academy system requirements

To begin troubleshooting Escape Academy is not loading or crashing on startup or during gameplay issues on your Windows 11/10 gaming rig, first make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements for Escape Academy. This is necessary because with most games, if not all, you’re likely to experience the issue in hand if you’re system does not meet at least the minimum system requirements to play a particular game. In this case, upgrading your PC hardware components or the PC itself is the best option to make the game playable.

You can check the game vendor or developer site for this information.

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2] Install the latest game patch and updates

The issue you’re currently facing could be a bug. Since bugs are mostly inherent in previous versions of a game, you need to make sure you’re running the latest version of the game on your gaming device. You can download the newest Escape Academy update and patches by simply launching the game on Steam. In addition, to be sure the game version is on par with your operating system version to avoid conflict. check for updates and install any available bits on your Windows 11/10 device.

3] Update drivers

Optional Update Windows 10

If your PC meets the minimum system requirements for the game and you’re running the latest version of the game, another reason for the issue in view could be due to outdated drivers like graphics adapter driver, DirectX, and some other device drivers. In this case, you need to make sure drivers are updated on your system. To carry out this task, you can do as follows:

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4] Verify Game file Integrity on Steam

Verify Game file Integrity on Steam

There’s a built-in feature in Steam that allows you to verify the integrity of the game. This feature checks if the files on your local machine are the same as the files on Steam servers. In case there is a mismatch in both locations, Steam will download and repair any file inconsistencies.

To use Steam’s built-in utility to verify the integrity of the game’s files, do the following:

  • Open Steam client.
  • Click the Library tab to view your games.
  • Now, right-click the problematic game and select Properties.
  • In the pop-up window, go to the Local Files tab.
  • Click the Verify Integrity of Game Files button.

Depending on the size of the game, this process may take a while; so be patient and wait for Steam to validate the game’s files – Steam will automatically reacquire files that failed the validation check.

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5] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot state

Clean Boot State Windows

It’s possible that another process, service, or program, such as your antivirus, is responsible for the issue in highlight. In this case, you can troubleshoot in the Clean Boot state to make sure there are no conflicts.

  • Press Windows key + R to invoke the Run dialog.
  • In the Run dialog box, type MSConfig and hit Enter to open System Configuration.
  • Go to the Services tab section.
  • Check Hide all Microsoft services.
  • Click the Disable all button.
  • Click Apply.
  • Restart your computer.

Run the game after the restart and check if the issue persists. If the game runs smoothly in the Clean Boot state, then you may need to manually enable one process after the other and see which is the offender that creates problems for you. Once you have identified it, you need to disable it or uninstall the software that uses this culprit process.

6] Reinstall Escape Academy and Steam

If at this point the issue at hand is still unresolved, it’s likely to Escape Academy or Steam installation (if other games on Steam are affected) on your PC is the main culprit. To resolve the issue, you can reinstall the game and/or Steam as the case may be.

Hope this post helps you!

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