Best websites to learn or improve your HTML coding knowledge

If you want to learn HTML at your own time and pace, then these websites are among the best options to get your education up. However, things won’t be easy – so if you’re truly serious about this, then you may want to have a few coding examples at your fingertips. Programmers tend to learn the best when they have examples to work with, so unless you’re a genius, then this is not for you.

Learn or improve HTML coding

In the days of old, HTML programmers had to spend money on expensive books to learn to code, but not anymore. The internet has improved things a great deal due to several websites that offer free coding examples for free.

Yes, you still have the option to pay if you want to, but if you’re on a tight budget, then the websites were going to mention today should be of great importance.

  1. W3Schools
  2. Codecademy
  3. BitDegree
  4. HTML Dog
  5. Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

Let us discuss this from a more detailed perspective.

1] W3Schools

Widely regarded as the top place for programmers, W3Schools boasts a ton of coding examples for HTML, Python, PHP, and much more. This is the place to find great examples of programming in HTML, and we promise you won’t be disappointed at all.

The website also provides a split-screen space for users to test their coding skills in order to learn and become better programmers.

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2] Codecademy

By now we should all have heard of Codecademy due to the many advertisements over the years. It has a wonderful HTML training course that spans around 9-hours.

The course doesn’t cover everything relating to HTML, but from our understanding, most are on the table over there. Bear in mind that the course work will get advanced, so prepare for that before jumping in. Also, you are not required to have prior knowledge of coding.

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3] BitDegree

Interactive learning is the focus here, which means, it is perfect for anyone who wants to learn HTML. BitDegree provides a guide for every HTML element, so you won’t be missing out on anything. From what we’ve seen, each guide explains precisely what each element does, but not only that, it will show examples of the code in action.

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4] HTML Dog

learn or improve your HTML coding

HTMLDog is a lot like W3Schools, but slightly better. The website offers a huge amount of content where tutorials are concerned, and HTML is one of the largest. But not only that, if you want to learn CSS and JavaScript, then this is a great spot as well.

Each example has a demonstration. But what’s interesting is the amount of syntax these demonstrations cover.

Now, when you click on an element, an interactive coding page will appear for you to test what you’ve learned.

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5] Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

MDN was not designed solely teaching folks how to code in HTML, but it does have an extensive list of tutorials and examples, so you should have a ton of information to gobble when increasing your knowledge.

Web developers from around the world have long praised MDN for its attention to detail, and this is something that works well to your advantage, especially if you are aiming to become a web developer in the future.

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If you are an amateur, the detail can be quite intimidating in the beginning, but as time goes by things will change.

learn or improve your HTML coding

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