Best privacy browsers for Windows 11/10 PC

Which you’re the default web browser on your PC? Is that safe? Are you sure about privacy and safety? Today in this post, we will talk about the best privacy browsers for Windows 11/10 PC. While the popular web browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge allow us to browse in a private browser (Incognito mode), they still lag behind in terms of data protection.

Best Privacy browsers for Windows 11/10 PC

Here is the definitive list of privacy browsers that are secure and will secure your browsing and online activities:

  1. Tor browser
  2. Brave
  3. Epic Privacy Browser
  4. WaterFox
  5. Pale Moon
  6. SRWare Iron
  7. Microsoft Edge
  8. Mozilla Firefox
  9. Iridium

1] Tor browser

Best Privacy browsers for Windows

A browser designed to stop everyone from checking or tracking your browsing habits and location. Not even government agencies or corporations can breach your privacy in this browser. It blocks the trackers and defends you against any kind of surveillance. Also, the cookies in this browser get deleted as soon as you are done browsing. Tor is a perfect web browser for you if you really want to keep your internet activities private or are literally concerned about cyberspying.

2] Brave

This web browser gives you full control over what you do or do not want to block. It blocks the trackers and any third-party cookies following you anywhere on the web. By default Brave browser blocks all the third-party cookies, trackers, ads, and fingerprinters which you can adjust how tight you want the security to be. However, the browser is now disabling the filter list blocking for the first-party subresources to improve privacy.

3] Epic Privacy BrowserEpic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser is also built on the Chromium platform but allows no third-party cookies, no plugin, no ads, no trackers, etc. In short, it is a very secure and private web browser. The browser is designed for privacy and has its own built-in proxy. It is an actively monitored browser and keeps a close check on ad networks, web analytics system which keeps tracking your browsing activities. So typically, it blocks almost every tracking method. The browser also has its own secure search page which is powered by the leading search engines but shares no data with those engines.

4] WaterFox

Waterfox is again one of the best privacy browsers as it collects minimal or no data. It offers better tracking protection than many other popular web browsers. The browser by default has the adblocker program, uBlock Origin installed and thus blocks all the ads, trackers, and third-party cookies. Also, it is not at all interested in your browsing habits and thus doesn’t collect any telemetry. Waterfox also claims that it does not continuously phone home, as most of the other privacy-focused browsers do.

5] Pale Moon

Pale Moon and Waterfox are quite similar in terms of features and functionalities but Pale Moon provides optimized builds for both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows versions whereas Waterfox caters only to 64-bit versions of Windows. This browser also claims no telemetry, no ads, and no data gathering. Even though the interface is pretty old school, it is a modern browser and is monitored actively. Pale Moon actually is never considered as an all-rounder browser but its to-notch privacy and security features make it the favorite option for a particular set of users.

6] SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron is a Chromium-based browser but is pretty safe and private. The browser is particularly designed in a way to eliminate the tracking. So basically, this is a browser that comes with innovative features and ease like Google Chrome but with improved security and privacy features. There is no URL-tracking or RLZ-tracking in SRWare Iron, unlike Google Chrome. It is also considered to be a quiet browser which means your browser is absolutely private and you give out the information only which you want to.

7] Microsoft Edge

Super Duper Secure Mode in Microsoft Edge

We can keep Microsoft Edge in the list of best privacy browsers for Windows 11/10 PC with these privacy settings. The latest Chromium-based Edge browser lets you control your privacy settings pretty well. For example, you can block cookies, manage Smart Screen Filter and the Page Predictions, browse in the InPrivate windows to avoid any tracking, etc. Its Super Duper Mode makes things even better!

8] Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is not the best private browser available but it gives you control over the privacy settings, thus can be added to the list of best private browsers for Windows 10/11 PC. It has some strong privacy protection features which you can adjust as per your own preferences. The fact that makes Firefox a good web browser is that it is pretty customizable and you can adjust your privacy settings.

9] Iridium Web Browser

This is again a Chromium-based browser but with enhanced security and privacy features. With this browser, things are pretty transparent. Users can directly view the changes made through the public Git repository. Also, the Safebrowsing component is enabled in Iridium by default.

Which browser offers the most privacy?

If you were to ask us to chose the web browser that offers the most privacy, we would recommend the Tor browser. Tor has been developed with a total concentration on the privacy of users. People use Tor to send confidential emails. The high-level security of Tor makes it impossible for hackers to know the origination of emails and thereby the location of the sender.

Advertisements are an integral part of the modern web and cookies too are an important part of the web as they let us into the websites easily, help us in maintaining our shopping carts, etc, but for those who are specifically concerned about privacy and security of their personal data, these are some best-known privacy browsers. Do let us know if we are missing any of your favorite privacy browsers.

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Best Privacy browsers for Windows

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