Best Minecraft Seeds you should try out right now

Minecraft has been around for quite a long time, but the game is still popular among gamers despite that. Now, whenever you start a Minecraft game from scratch, you are brought to a randomly procedural generated world known as a seed.

The Seed is unique to every player, but it is possible to save and share your seeds with the world. Folks who have come across great seeds have been sharing their findings for years, so if you want to begin your Minecraft adventure in the best world possible, then you’ll need to go hunting.

Worry not because we know of quite a few exciting seeds that will no doubt get you excited to play the game for long periods of time. And yes, we have manually searched the Minecraft community in order to come up with our list, so enjoy.

Best Minecraft Seeds

Best Minecraft Seeds

If you are looking for a great Minecraft Seed to begin with, then the following should be highly considered:

  1. Surface Stronghold
  2. Island Village Seed
  3. A village surrounded by snow
  4. The Island on Iceberg Alley
  5. Castaway Shipwreck seed

1] Surface Stronghold

If you are looking to have a base underground, this is the seed you should consider. If you navigate toward coordinates 236 68 -704, you should come across a vast open area in the ground; the perfect place to call home.

You will have to quickly construct walls and a door because the area will likely become flooded with enemies when night falls.

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2] Island Village Seed

If an underground stronghold is not up to your alley, then how about a village located on an island in the middle of the ocean? Then this seed is the perfect place to call home. You will need to be very creative in order to build a base on this island, but that shouldn’t be a problem for seasoned Minecraft players.

Not to mention, you will come across coral reefs and a stronghold located in the middle of the ocean, which is nice.

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3] A village surrounded by snow

Imagine finding a location where a small village is surrounded by forest and snow? Well, you do not have to imagine this any longer because it is 100 percent legit. There is also a blacksmith living in this little village, which is an excellent addition if you ask us.

It’s not very often players manage to find villages located close to snowy taiga biomes, so you do not want to miss this one.

Now, this is not a huge Minecraft seed, but does it need to be?

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4] The Island on Iceberg Alley

For those who want to build their castle in the middle of the sea surrounded by icebergs, then how about taking a good look at this one right here. We like it because the island has good enough elevation, but then you will realize how much this seed may not be for you if you’re new to Minecraft.

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5] Castaway Shipwreck seed

This seed is one of our favorites due to the overall design of the map and the resources within your range. You can find two shipwrecks and buried treasures on this map. Not only that, you will come across enchanted tunics, enchanted helmets, gunpowder, TNT, the heart of the sea, Gold, Iron Ingots, and a lot more.

Everything you want is easily attainable, so if you are new to Minecraft and can’t be bothered with the difficulty of locating essential resources, then this seed should make life a lot easier than ever before.

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Best Minecraft Seeds

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