Best Free Cloud Project Management Software and Tools

This post lists down the best free cloud project management software. Cloud-based project management tools enable you to create, organize, and manage your projects from anywhere. You can simply create a free account on these cloud project manager’s websites and then log in to start using them. As you create projects on the cloud, you can access all your projects and manage them from anywhere. You just need a web browser to log in to your account and then you can start managing your project on any device.

These cloud project managers enable you to effectively create, organize, manage, and track all your project’s activities. You can add several project tasks and milestones that you need to achieve to complete a project. Furthermore, you can use a calendar to schedule events, invite your team members to work on projects, create a Gantt chart to track tasks and milestones, generate project analytics reports, and do much more. Do note that these tools provide a free plan which has some limitations. You can always upgrade to a pro plan if needed.

Let us check out what are these cloud-based project management tools.

Is there a free project management software?

Yes, there are multiple project management software that you can use for free. If you are looking for free desktop software for Windows 11/10 PC, you can try OpenProj – Project Management, GanttProject, NCH’s Express Project Management Software, Plandora Project Management, and some more. All these freeware are dedicated project management software that let you create and manage your projects for free. You can also try the Trello alternatives for Project Management.

Free Cloud Project Management Software and Tools

Here is a list of the best free cloud-based project management tools and software:

  1. Odoo
  2. Bitrix24
  3. Apptivo
  4. Central Project Management
  5. Teamwork
  6. A1 Project Manager
  7. Hubstaff Tasks

Let us discuss the features of the above-listed cloud-based project management software.

1] Odoo

Odoo is a free cloud project management software. It is a user-friendly tool to create and manage projects online. It lets you invite your team members and collaboratively work on a project. You can easily manage project tasks, define milestones, track project activities, and do a lot more with this cloud project management tool. Let us discuss its primary features now!

Here are the main features you get in this free cloud-based project management software:

You can add multiple different projects and manage them concurrently.

It offers a Kanban Board to use to create and manage tasks. You can create multiple columns like Ongoing tasks, Completed Tasks, New Tasks, and more. And then, add your tasks with the assignee name. Additionally, you can schedule and manage project activities as well.

To communicate with your team members and colleagues, you can use its inbuilt Chat feature.

You can also manage your project tasks and milestones using a Gantt Chart. It also provides a Graph section where you can view and analyze project graphs.

A dedicated Reporting tab to view task analysis graphs is also provided in it. Other than that, it offers Google Map, Calendar, and more functions.

This one is a good and simple cloud project manager. It is suitable for small to medium-sized enterprises.

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2] Bitrix24

Best Free Cloud Project Management Software and Tools

Bitrix24 is a great free cloud-based project management software. Using, it, you can create public, private, external, or external publishing projects. You can sign up for this service and then log in to manage your projects on the cloud. It is interactive and visually appealing and makes the project management task easy.

It lets you add a project with a name, visual theme, project dates, project owner, employees, and more. You can add tasks to your projects and manage them using a Kanban board. Furthermore, you can invite users to collaborate on a project, create multiple workgroups, schedule events using Calendar, and do more.

You also get a Bitrix24 Drive to store your project documents on the cloud. It also allows you to connect with your Google Drive, OneDrive, Office365, and other cloud storage accounts to create and manage your knowledge base.

It also contains advanced features including Chat & Call, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), and Employees modules and features that you can use in project management.

It is one of the best cloud-based management software. However, its free plan has some limitations. You can upgrade to premium plans as per your requirement. Visit its official website to get started with project management in the cloud.

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3] Apptivo

Another free cloud-based project management software that you can try is Apptivo. It is primarily a business management website that offers project management functions too. You can also find Product Management, Financial Management, CRM, Supply Chain, and more modules on this website. Using its project management tools, you can create, track, and manage your projects.

You can add tasks and milestones to your projects with their deadlines, assignee, and more details. It lets you create a whole team of people that are working on a project. This makes communication between team members easier.

It offers a Gantt Chart to visualize and easily manage tasks and milestones. It also lets you define the project budget, schedule project events, create follow-ups, send emails to your team, add notes, and add project documents for reference.

You can generate various project reports such as employee reports, activities reports, milestones reports, etc. Handy Lists & Bulk Action features are provided in it to filter out your projects and perform actions on projects in bulk.

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4] Central Project Management

Central Project Management is a dedicated free cloud-based project management software. It makes your task of creating and managing projects easy. You can add projects and then track its progress using an interactive Dashboard. It lets you add tasks to your projects, create a timesheet, invite the team members, and generate a bug report.

It also provided a dedicated section that lets you manage your project clients. You can also use Calendar to add and schedule events and add notes to projects. It is a basic cloud-based project management software that you can for small-sized businesses. You can try it here.

5] Teamwork

Teamwork is another free cloud-based project management software on this list. As its name suggests, it is primarily focused on making a whole team work on a project effectively. It offers different dedicated sections to create and manage tasks, use the Kanban board, set up project milestones, add team members, upload project files, add a notebook, and do much more.

It provides a Gantt Chart to effectively manage project tasks. Furthermore, you can create a project portfolio, check assigned workload, view active and completed tasks, schedule tasks and events related to the project, track all your activities, etc. A dedicated People feature is also provided in it that basically lets you make individual teams.

All in all, it is a good cloud project manager. However, the free plan of this tool has some limitations. You can compare its plans on its official website.

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6] A1 Project Manager

A1 Project Manager can be another go-to for cloud project management software. It lets you add projects with descriptions, deadlines, priorities, and more details. You can then create tasks in a project and effectively manage them. It also lets you add your team members to work on a project.

A handy Dashboard is provided in it to give an overview of all your projects at a glance. Furthermore, you can view various project analytics including task category distribution, finished tasks by day, task distribution, started tasks by day, team members, etc. You can visit to try this easy and simple cloud project manager.

7] Hubstaff Tasks

Try Hubstaff Tasks which is a free cloud project management software with agile features. It lets you use sprints and Kanban board to manage project tasks and get better clarity. You can easily drag and drop tasks between different columns in a Kanban board. It offers a lot of templates like sprint, development, website design, and more to create a particular type of project.

It lets you attack project-related files for reference, add due dates for tasks, monitor task progress, etc. You can also comment on tasks with a timestamp to let your team know your thoughts. You can visualize the project sprint that shows the list of project tasks with a timeframe. It makes you track your project with clarity.

The free plan of Hubstaff Tasks has some feature restrictions like 100 MB of file storage, maximum of 5 users, and more. You can check out details about this tool on its website.

Can you use Wrike for free?

Yes, you can use Wrike for free. It is a professional task and project management software that offers a free plan. You can sign up with a free account and then use it. Although, the free account has some limitations. To know more about it, check out this post.

That’s it! Hope this article helps you find a good free cloud project management software.

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Best Free Cloud Project Management Software

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