AmpliFi HD Router with WiFi Mesh Review: Good Range & Touchscreen

Are you looking for a router which can make sure to clear all weak spot at your home? A router that looks beautiful and can extend out of your house while you are having fun in your garden? It sounds like you need to look at the AmpliFi HD Router. While on paper it can cover 10,000 sq ft, we tested it for a 3000 Sq ft house and then walked about 60 ft from there, and it still worked. If that interests you, keep reading our review of the beautiful AmpliFi HD Router.

AmpliFi HD Router with WiFi Mesh Review

AmpliFi HD Router with WiFi Mesh Review

Ask anyone to define a router, and they would be talking about the pointy things coming out of a flat looking box. AmpliFi HD took me by surprise because it looked like a digital cube displaying the time. I could imagine it anything, but not a router. It’s a 3.9-inch cube that is flat from all the sides. It comes with 1 .6-inch display and ethernet ports, USB port at the rear, and a power socket. Just like AmpliFi Instant, it’s a mesh router from Ubiquiti without any extra tentacles.

Since it’s a mesh router, it comes with two wireless extenders that match the looks of the router. These extenders are 7.1 inches long and come in two parts. The bottom is the power adapter, while the top is the Wi-Fi unit, which can be configured for the specific band if needed. These two connect via magnetic ball-and-socket design, which allows you to adjust the antenna for a better range. You can figure that out by looking at the LED lights on it. If all the lights are up, then it is well connected.

Main Features

  • Tap on the display to rotate between clock, speed meter, IP address, Port Status, and more.
  • White LED at the bottom makes it fantastic.
  • The mesh points automatically connect to the main router making it simple to configure.
  • Band Steering and Router Steering
  • Optimize devices for gaming and Streaming
  • In-built Firewall, which cannot be edited unless you use it in Bridge Mode
  • On paper, it can cover 20,0000 sq. Ft and look at the range test looks legit. The primary router has a range of 10,000 sq. ft

How to Setup AmpliFi Instant Router

Review AmpliFi HD Router with WiFi Mesh: Outstanding Range and Touchscreen display make it stand out!

Everything you want to configure can is possible through their mobile app. You do not need to connect to a computer to set it. At first, I thought I would miss desktop access, but I don’t miss it at all. The mobile app is well designed and manages everything.

Launch the app, select the type of product you want to add, power the routers up, and set it. If you do not have a configured modem, it supports DHCP, Static, and PPPoE.

  • You will have to create an account when setting it up for the first time.
  • Connect the Ethernet wire from your ISP into the blue Color ethernet port or WAN port
  • Next power on the modem followed by the Mesh Router
  • The app scan for the new router, and when found, tap on it and follow the setup wizard to complete the setup.

Once the basic setup is complete, the app will offer a dashboard where you can see the main router and connected mesh points. At the bottom, you can see the number of connected clients, upload and download speed.  Tap on the Main router, and it will reveal all the configuration details.

  • General: Device name, Time Zone, option to locate, change password, Reboot, and Factory reset
  • Wireless: Setup security, guest account, create additional SSID, configure Band steering, Router Steering
  • Internet: If you need to configure DHCP, Static, and PPPoE.
  • LED and LCD brightness control and Night Mode
  • Apart from this, you can also configure UPnP, Clone MAC address, VLAN ID, IPv6, Port Forwarding, and Bridge Mode.

Amplifi Router HD Ports

Here is one thing to remember when setting up the SSID. If you have devices that need 2.4 GHz band, then you can create additional SSID and choose to broadcast on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands automatically. While the Primary Router SSID does broadcast on both, the devices I had didn’t connect. So, you need to create an additional SSID and select which band (2.4GHz, 5GHz, or both) it will broadcast. You can create additional SSID on the primary router or one of the mesh points.

Note: There is no option to choose bands on the First SSID created on the primary router. You can only set it for additional SSID. So if that sounds redundant, you can choose to hide the first SSID.

AmpliFi HD Router Performance & Coverage

Once you have the router setup, you can live a test to check the coverage of the router and the repeater. You would need a blueprint or design on their website. The image below is of my home and neighbor’s home, which approximately covers 3000 Sq. Ft. In this tool, you can define the thickness of the walls, choose materials, and so on. I wished if this simulation was available to test before buying the router. Since it allows one to upload the Blueprint of the house, it can help to decide.

AmpliFi HD Router Performance

I measured the download speed and ping time at different distances. The router offers both 2,.4 GHz, and 5 GHz, one of the repeaters was set to 2.4 GHz while the other was 5 GHz. The speed test and ping time were measured both insides and outside my home. I had used the Fast Speed test App & the Fing Tool.

Mine and neighbors house is on the First Floor. I had placed one repeater in the neighbor’s balcony while the main router was placed centrally in our living room. The second router was configured at 2.4 GHz as I have some devices which needed it. It was at a distance of15 ft with one wall in between.

Primary Router (5 GHz + 2.5 GHz) / (MPBS| Seconds)

  • At 2nd Floor (2 walls) 6.9 | Ping 28
  • In the living room (Approx. 10 Ft)

Neighbours Balcony (5 GHz)

  • At 60 Ft: 11 | Ping 4
  • At 45 Ft: 13 | Ping 4
  • At 20 Ft with one wall: 5.1 | Ping 14
  • At 10 Ft (10Ft height): 7.6 | Ping 6
  • Inside House
  • At 30 Ft: 16 | Ping 5
  • At 60 Ft: 4.5 | Ping 4

Corner Room Side (2.4 GHz)

  • At 60 Ft: 17 | Ping 6
  • At 45 Ft: 15 with one wall | Ping 6
  • At 10 Ft (10 Ft height) | Ping 4
  • Inside House

It’s clear looking at the ranges I tested that this device could go beyond 3000Sq Ft.

My Favourite Features of AmpliFi HD


I love having a display on the router. One of the best parts is that I can see a glimpse of essential things with a touch. It includes Speed, Router IP address, bandwidth consumption, and count of connected devices. You can also enable WPA access with a long press to quickly add a device. You can choose to stay on any of these modes if you wish to.

Band Steering and Router Steering

If you have a requirement where you need to make sure the device connects to the primary router, even though the mesh points are closer, you can use the Router steering method. It will deliver better speed but at the cost of range. You can notice how internet speed falls as the distance increases.

There are two bands on this router 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz. While the former offers better speed than later, the 2.4 GHz is useful to increase range. Band Steering makes sure that devices connect to 5 GHz, but if the signal weakens, it will switch to 2.4 GHz.

Guest Mode

The app makes it easy to manage guest mode quickly.  While you can turn on and off the guest mode with a tap, make sure to secure it with a password. You can also choose several guests that can connect, share it over email or messenger services.


QoS or “Quality of Service” is a feature that allows the router to prioritize speed and bandwidth based on the type of consumption. AmpliFi does it in its style. Each device can be configured into three categories— Gaming, Streaming, and Normal. Gaming gets the highest priority, followed by Streaming and then normal.

I have a Smart TVC at home, and I can optimize it for Streaming, while PCs can get gaming priority. The best part, you can always switch the mode from the app to improve overall performance. This feature is not available in

That said, it is only available for wireless clients. If you are using ethernet, you will always have a higher priority than the wireless clients.


Features of AmpliFi HD

It allows you to control the internet for a group of devices. If you want to manage internet access to a set of devices, you can add them to a group, and quiet time for those devices. You can add multiple “Quiet” times. You can also control access to individual devices by tapping on the pause button next to it.

Teleport & VPN

Ubiquity offers free VPN along with a teleport feature to connect to services or devices which are back home. You can also use it to give your friends and family to use your network. I have talked in detail on how to use it in the AmpliFi Instant Router.

Enable Teleport Share Code ApliFi

Enough Ethernet Ports

It houses four ethernet ports, which is at par with the routers that come in the market. If you have laid down network cables all over your house, these will be handy.

USB port

While it is not functional yet, once enabled, it should be useful to connect to a printer or a network storage device or a simple hard disk. As of now, you can use it to charge your phone or power up another device.

Drawbacks AmpliFi HD

  • Finding a spot for Mesh points can be tricky, especially if you want to have the best coverage. You will need two dedicated plug points that will not only be occupied all the time but also should be at the corners for best coverage around. Else you can always run some extension cords.
  • The Mesh points are pure Wi-Fi units. So, they only extend Wi-Fi Range. If you have devices that need ethernet connections, then you will need to connect to the Router’s Ethernet via cables. So, keep this in mind. If you have too many devices requiring an ethernet connection, then make sure you can get wires from the router to the devices.
  • There is no way to know bandwidth consumption by each device.
  • There is no web interface to configure everything, but you can still type http://amplifi.lan/ and set a few things. Honestly, the Mobile app is reliable, and you don’t miss the interface.

Price and Verdict

The router alone is priced at USD $137.45 or INR Rs 15,459. If you re looking for a powerful router for home, but not the range, this alone should be enough. However, if you need more coverage, then its best to get the extenders along. You can order it from Amazon following this link.

Review AmpliFi HD Router

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